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Prop. 8 lies: State board prez states his frustrations

by Jeremy Hooper

Ted-MitchellAdd Ted Mitchell, president of the the California State Board of Education, to the growing list of reasoned people who are fed up with the anti-gay, pro-Proposition 8 side's deceptive (read: unscrupulously lie-filled) ad campaigns. This from Tips-Q:

In a conference call this afternoon, opponents to Proposition 8 — which would outlaw same-sex marriage in California — provided some necessary counterpoint. In doing so, they are attempting to thwart the misleading efforts of Prop 8 proponents to scare voters into approving the measure.

Mr. Mitchell said that he is “personally disgusted by the campaign being waged and the misleading advertising. This is political campaigning at its worst.” He went on to confirm that there is nothing about Proposition 8 that is connected, in any way with education.

Though according to his bio, Mr. Mitchell (who is married to a woman and has two children) holds three degrees from Stanford University. So why in the hell should we expect our opposition to listen to his expertise when there are scores of untrained individuals on hand who are willing to pull "gays will corrupt children" claims out of their booties with careless abandon? This is, after all, the American "culture war." The more qualified one is to speak the truth, the more likely their "liberal" words are to fall on deaf "pro-family" ears.

Prop 8: Debunking the Misleading Scare Tactics [Tips-Q]

**The latest Prop 8 campaign: There's no class in this video [G-A-Y]

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Your thoughts

I'm incredibly fed up with the lies and distortions that the proponents of Prop 8 are spreading. Here in Orange County, CA, the Yes signs are everywhere. At my kids school, there are Yes bumper stickers, etc. Most of the people I talk to have bought into the lie that their kids will somehow be indoctrinated into homosexuality if this Proposition doesn't pass.

To help counter that, my partner, kids and I created the following NO ON PROP 8 video. Feel free to forward/share/upload!


Posted by: Proudtobedad | Oct 21, 2008 8:15:09 PM

Kergan: First off -- I love your video. Sorry I haven't linked to it yet. Anyone who is reading this should check out the link in Kergan's comment.

That out of the way -- Yes, their lies have passed the point of absurdity. But if you think they are bad now, just imagine how hard they will be to swallow if the "yes on 8" crew wins this thing. I mean, it's always difficult to lose an election. But in this case, to know that we lost our equality at the hand of anti-intellectual bullsh*t? Well that would be simply unbearable!

Posted by: G-A-Y | Oct 21, 2008 8:34:07 PM

Imagine this: Two youngsters are talking before class starts:

Y1: My two dads are married.
Y2: No, they're not!
Y1: Yes they are.
Y2: No, they're not.
Y1: Yes they are.
Y2: Teacher, teacher, can two men be married?

Depending on how the vote on Prop 8 turns out, she will either say:
Why, yes they can. or
Well, no they can't.

So... by simply relating the reality that exists at the time, the teacher is either affirming the equal right of gay men to marry, or reflecting the fact that they can't.

Proponents of Prop 8 simply can't accept the idea that the teacher would tell her students the truth, should Prop 8 fail.

Or that newspapers would carry wedding announcements for lesbian and gay couples.

Or that neighborhood churches are performing same sex weddings.

Or that married same sex couples attend their local school's PTA meetings to check on their children's progress, or shop at Wal-mart for their children's school supplies together, and so on. The idea that same sex couples are a natural part of everyday life is something they are unable to deal with.

So Prop 8 does effect schools when teachers affirm the effect of the vote.

"Why, yes they can," is not a response they can deal with.

Posted by: Bill Ware | Oct 22, 2008 10:53:39 AM

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