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Supremes put kibosh on supremely overdrawn case

by Jeremy Hooper

You know David Parker, the Massachusetts parent whose war against inclusive children's books has made him a "pro-family" martyr? Yea, well "pro-family" martyrdom has just suffered another blow:

200810091127The US Supreme Court refused this week to hear the appeal of two Lexington couples who said the inclusion of gay-related books on a public school's reading list violated their First Amendment right to free exercise of religion.
Parker v. Hurley was one of nearly 2,000 cases whose petitions for review the high court rejected on Monday, the first day of the 2008-09 session.
US Supreme Court refuses Lexington case [Boston Globe]

No word on how Parker will next try to exalt his family's "religious freedom" above every other right in existence, but judging by his history of meritless litigation, we wouldn't be surprised if a complaint about the Pledge of Allegiance not having Under God in it enough is on the horizon. We'll just have to wait and see about that one. That is, of course, unless David deems it a violation of his Christian faith for gays to peep on his public exploits.

**NOTE: Think the Parker case doesn't matter? Well think again. The anti-gay side has been using it in a major way in their Proposition 8 campaigns:

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Your thoughts

If you don't agree with murder due to your religion, that doesn't mean your child isn't going to learn about wars in history class.

Gays exist, whether or not your religion supports them, and any school that tries to black out all gay-related material is doing nothing but harming the child from getting a real perspective of the world.

Posted by: | Oct 9, 2008 12:50:01 PM


I wish these folks could take this crap to the SUPREME BEING - how great it would be to see them learn first hand that HE/SHE loves all of HIS/HER children equally!

Posted by: tom | Oct 9, 2008 2:26:02 PM

Amen, brother Jeremy. I echo it too, I can't wait till they take this stuff about gay marriage or just being gay to the SUPREME BEING. Morality is not if you are straight or gay, it is when you don't violate someone's individuality, their state of HUMAN BEING. I don't believe God wants us to be so concerned about being straight or gay for that matter, He is concerned that we don't attach things to HIS BEING or to OUR BEING. the sad thing is, in various ways we all tend to do that with our EXPECTATIONs. What else can we expect? They wanted ol' Jesus to be their political leader when he showed up on the scene? Right? And Mr. J turned down the political thing, but he was free from the religious control, you can kill me (or Mr J, Jesus) but you can't take away my freedom. I've always been able to marry, in the spirit, the law is slow to see, the sprit is all that we are free in now, in spite of the law. And the law and the bible is filled with example of people calling what is moral is our spirit, immoral to God; and I say to those who say being gay is wrong; look at your shame, and then walk with God, and when you want to say "We need to be more tolerant", repent, look at your shame, and walk with God. Lord have mercy, I'm preaching, sometimes you just have to vent at those "lost" straight folk, walking around in circles. Tolerant is luke warm, it's not good enough, could it be a sin, at the least it is something we attached to God, and I don't think he wants it, he wants love. Doesn't God love the sinner and hate the sin? No, what sinner?.... You know what I mean? Anyways... I send much love.

Love Love,


Posted by: QueerAsFaith | Oct 10, 2008 2:43:08 PM

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