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by Jeremy Hooper

You would think that if talking about alleged "child indoctrination," one would see it fit to mention whether or not the allegedly "indoctrinated" kids were placed into a certain scenario by their guardians. However, the folks who constantly claim that gay activists wish to rob parents of the freedom to make decisions for their own children are completely ignoring the element of parental permission when it comes to a same-sex wedding field trip that recently took place in California.

200810161654The latest? Concerned Women For America's Leslie Smith has written a 600-word piece on the school trip, featuring quotes from no less than four other "pro-family" professionals. In it, CWA president Wendy Wright asserts that "other people's children" were used as "pawns." Words like "advance their agenda" are casually tossed around. The whole thing gives readers the fear-mongery idea that if left unchecked, parents are going to have absolutely no say in what their children do during their school days. Only problem for Ms. Smith and everyone else who lent their name to this article? THE PARENTS GAVE PERMISSION FOR THEIR KIDS TO ATTEND THE WEDDING!

Here's the piece (and oh what a piece it is):

Parents across the country were shocked to learn that a group of San Francisco first graders went on a school-sanctioned field trip to see a same sex "wedding." In what was deemed as a "teachable moment" by the public charter school's interim director, the students blew bubbles and scattered rose petals after watching their teacher exchange vows with her girlfriend. Officiating the ceremony was none other than Gavin Newsom, pro-"gay" power tripper and mayor of San Francisco.
Taxpayers Fund “Gay Wedding” Field Trip for First Graders [CWA]

This team of morality hijackers has become so self-absorbed that they not only want to disallow any pro-gay teaching that hasn't first been cleared by a parent. No, no -- they now want to target pro-gay teachings that parents have SPECIFICALLY APPROVED! The attempt to keep kids shielded from the evil, pesky gays is reliably disturbing. But on this particular matter, the arrogance, hypocrisy, and lack of transparency are simply astounding.

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Your thoughts

Any parent who has (or has had) a child in grade school, is well aware of the fact that children cannot go on any school outing without explicit permission from the child's parent or guardian. So, who are they trying to fool? This could be another case where their blatant misrepresentation of the facts could end up biting them in the ass!

When I was in first grade I went on two field trips. One to a dairy, and the other to a petting zoo. My parents had to sign permission slips for both of them. I like to tell the story that my mom didn't want me to go on the trip to the dairy because she's lactose intolerant. So I forged her signature on the permission slip. Nah, just kidding, my dad forged her signature.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Oct 16, 2008 6:16:58 PM

Some are making an issue out of this field trip being paid by tax dollars, more than the parents giving permission.

Posted by: Sylvia | Oct 16, 2008 9:30:55 PM

Sylvia, are there any field trips that are not paid for with tax dollars? I would suspect that the tax dollars angle is just another attempt at prestidigitation from those lying liars. If they throw up enough smoke screens, then everyone loses interest due to the fatigue of debunking yet another of their many and varied lies.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Oct 16, 2008 10:04:25 PM

Tax dollars? How much money did it cost to put the kids on a bus and take them across town? $25?

Posted by: ted | Oct 17, 2008 10:46:30 AM

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