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by Jeremy Hooper

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The above two video stills come from a new "Values Voters" video being circulated by some of the far-right's usual suspects (we got it from the American Family Association). If you want a two second primer on the arrogance of America's social conservatives, just use these graphics as your guidebook. For they tell you all you need to really need to know about the "pro-family" movement, and why we will NEVER, EVER brand them that fallacious label without putting the term in quotes!

In the first still, you see what is presumably a bride and groom. We know nothing more about the duo. We only know that they are in the process of getting hetero-married, and thus becoming a family. You know, the "good" kind of family. The type of family that should be "reinforced."

In the second still, we have what are presumably two grooms. Again, we know nothing about them. All we know is that they, via the graphic depiction of a gold ring-swapping, are pledging a commitment. And it's safe to assume that they are on their road to becoming their own family. You know, the "bad" kind of family. The kind of family that would "redefine" society.

Even if you aren't in favor of marriage equality, you have GOT to see how absolutely disgusting it is that these people think it's proper to denounce gay human beings using such a broad and nasty brush! The social conservatives always cry about "protecting marriage," and insist that their marriage bans are not about hurting anyone. But images like the above completely belie that idea. For they have not even used duplicitous imagery involving a frightened child or "freedom-stifled" parent (shorthand fear-mongering techniques that are popularly employed amongst these ranks). No, no -- in this instance, viewers are asked to judge this situation using nothing more than two pairs of male hands, touching in the same loving way as the heteros' phalanges. The gay love is what is meant to spark the rage -- nothing more. The hostility they are conjuring up within their ranks is towards gay couples' mere existence! That sort of unscrupulous hate-mongering is not "pro-family" -- it is cruelly, frighteningly, irresponsibly, ass-crazily ANTI-GAY!

We have to stop letting these people get away with this "pro-family" cover. For tt is clear by their increasingly desperate attacks that their endgame is anti-any semblance of peace for our families!


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Your thoughts

Ahhhh! Hide me!!!

Posted by: Emily | Oct 23, 2008 12:29:44 PM

Shittiest trailer evar.

Posted by: chris | Oct 23, 2008 1:29:51 PM

i saw this the other day! at first i thought i'd imagined it

f*cking insane

Posted by: jacaphene | Oct 23, 2008 3:12:34 PM

This crap is so F'ing ridiculous. It is funny that for so long everyone wanted the church and state seperated, along with church and school seperated...and funny how they print in this video that 'our constitutional rights must be preserved' ..Um..hello idiots is this not combining the church and states and is this not preserving Our rights?? This stuff just burns me up because they have no clue. So are they trying to say that we are not human? HAHA! if they only knew

Posted by: theresa | Oct 23, 2008 3:36:31 PM

This is so massively insulting I just can't. Ugh.

This is.

Gah. I'm too appalled by this to even think right now...

Okay. I'm going to try to give that grossly disturbing piece of bias puke a response.
Gays and lesbians are people. They are not going to eat your babies. Some of them HAVE kids, you know! Not only that but do you really think that voting AGAINST gay marriage is protecting children's rights??? Their right to what? Grow up with fear in their hearts? Grow up knowing society and their own families reject them and will disown them if they let you know... if they are gay? HOW does this threaten your rights as christians! You can hate gays just as much when they're married as you did when they weren't! This won't affect you! YOUR marriage isn't going to fail because two people that have been together and LOVE EACH OTHER are getting married! Churches won't be forced to do anything. Public nudity won't suddenly become legal. I hope to high Heaven Jesus is ashamed of you ridiculous lie-mongers.

Posted by: m-no | Oct 23, 2008 11:53:45 PM

I know this is totally late, but I wonder if Tokio Hotel could sue these guys for using footage of them in this video (where the kid's sitting down and the subtitles are moaning about how gays are destroying America's values). I sincerely doubt they'd give permission to use their MTV appearance for something like this =/

Posted by: Alle | Oct 25, 2008 1:32:00 AM

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