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Video: Next Prop 8 ad = Children's book fear-mongering

by Jeremy Hooper

Those who wish to use majority tyranny to roll back the constitutional equality of a minority/suspect class will today put out a new ad featuring Robb and Robin Wirthlin, a Massachusetts couple who have parlayed their personal fight to keep gay-inclusive children's books out of the classroom into a "warning sign" of the "ills" that gay marriage will bring to society. The ad itself has yet to be released; however, the "yes on 8" folks have released a longer video wherein the Wirthlins tell their martyr status-seeking story:

Oh, per your closing comments, Robin: We don't tolerate bigotry. Never. Not ever. Not gonna happen. Sorry. No, wait a minute -- we're actually not sorry. In fact, we're pretty unapologetic about and proud of our non-support for bias. We stand against discriminatory mindsets because they are wrong. And nasty. And cruel. And against everything for which we as a society should be striving. "Tolerating" your blatant non-acceptance of our benign right to exist (which you've fully highlighted in another video, which readers can find below) is not intolerance -- it is refusing to allow short-sighted, narrow-minded, myopic world views to set the agenda for society. The only endgame is for you to STOP TRYING TO FOIST YOUR PERSONAL BIASES ONTO SOCIETY. You can hold them in your heart and mind, and you can convey them to your friends, family, and loved ones until you are blue in the face. But when you try and shape public policy on the basis of your own negative learned behavior, we are going to stand up in FIRM opposition!

Thanks for the understanding. Now go and enjoy your big TV debut day. Future producers of the 2028 documentary, "An Acceptable Bias: How So Many Otherwise Decent People Supported Such Cruel Discrimination" are certainly glad that you've committed your non-inclusive views to archival video.

Robb and Robin Wirthlin's Story [YouTube]

**Here's an earlier Wirthlin video (wherein, peculiarly, the Wirthlins are wearing the almost exact same clothing). Be sure to note that in this video, Robin Wirthlin specifically comes out and says that her family is against homosexuality and that they want to teach their children that such is not "correct behavior": My children -- MY CHILDREN! -- were encouraged to [:: fights back tears ::] accept others [G-A-Y]

**Here's a still from the yet-to-be-released ad. It seems that the above video will serve as the basis:

Picture 5-163

**UPDATE: Here's the video [G-A-Y]

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Your thoughts

If words still mean anything today then Taylor Marshall has an excellent point here on Credo at Culture11.

Posted by: Justin | Oct 20, 2008 9:39:33 AM

So... they don't want their children to learn about the reality of gay marriage. Hmm... Does that mean that they don't want them to learn that the earth is over 4 billion years old in science class? Where will it end???

Posted by: Bill Ware | Oct 20, 2008 12:21:58 PM

I think I'm on to something.

The Ed Randolph guy doing the intro looks just like the head alien in The Invaders. I'm surprised that the Wirthlins can move their little fingers. They must be the newer deluxe model.

Posted by: dave b | Oct 20, 2008 2:08:50 PM

I just wanted to say that this is a sad example of parents exaggerating the effects of books with "controversial" topics on their kids. Parents need to give their kids more credit in what they can understand and not jump to the conclusion that it will warp their children's minds. I would also like to point out that if these parents approached these subjects with an open-mind and respect, they might find it easier to communicate with their kids. This is total panic at it's worse! I run http://childrens-bookclub.com/ and we will be discussing this topic in my next post. I hope you check it out.

Posted by: beatriz | Oct 20, 2008 2:23:40 PM

What's up with that lighting in the to-be-released video? Are they attempting to brainwash with quasi-sepia?

Posted by: Ryan | Oct 20, 2008 6:06:41 PM

I'm confused. I'm trying to think of how I chose to be a heterosexual because of what I learned in math, but nothing's coming to mind. Was it that sexy rhombus?

Posted by: Lia | Oct 21, 2008 2:53:44 AM

Ok everyone. we have one couple since 2003 who's child had a teacher who told them about gay marriage (maybe true - maybe not) The teacher if so trying to be honest about the reality of love for everyone and expresses to the children.. But it is the teachers choice and in no way does the system make teachers verbalize or teach this to our kids as the commercial says.. I am hopeful that all parents all over the world take responsiblity on their own and teach their own children about gay marriage, civil rights and the love for you family, friends, partners and all people everywhere. I can't believe I am living in a society whos people are trying to take away the rights of us and our children and are so blind.. Kind of like living in the days of old.. I am so ashamed of these people and can't stand to think that my kids have to grow up with people such as this..

Posted by: Jeannine | Oct 30, 2008 10:04:14 PM

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