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Video: Right faces take on wrong initiative

by Jeremy Hooper

Republicans Against 8, back with two more ads:

Good ads. It's just unfortunate that to so many of the people who need to change their mind on this non-issue, "I'm a believer in one certain interpretation of Leviticus" trumps any of the diverse things that might come out of our gay mouths. The ears that most need to hear are often so frustratingly deaf!

**Earlier Repubs Against 8 ad:
skcus 8 proP [G-A-Y]

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Your thoughts

That second one really grabs me. (The first is good, too.) That's the sort of ad that I've expected to see out of the more "mainstream" No on Prop 8 organization. One that puts lesbian and gay people out there as *people*, as your neighbors, neighbors who earnestly ask, "Please don't take away my rights."

Is the reason we're not seeing this (or even gay people, really) in the ads that this is thought not to play well with fence-sitting voters? Does anyone have this info? Any thoughts from anyone?

Posted by: PSUdain | Oct 29, 2008 2:57:37 AM

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