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Half and half: 'Milk' predictions vary

by Jeremy Hooper

Today, two different blogs use the same basic source material to draw two different 'Milk' conclusions:

Picture 21-24Andy, the optimist:
EXCERPT: Reuters reports: "At a recent Vegas test-screening for a middle-class, straight audience, several senior citizens tried to leave after a gay love scene in the early moments but couldn't because they were trapped in the middle of a row (near Focus production chief John Lyons, in fact). The seniors eventually said they were happy that they stayed, but, like independent voters in an election contest, these are the viewers Focus must woo."
In other news, folks who have seen the film are beginning to buzz about it. Brendan Lemon writes: "My friend Hal Rubenstein, the fashion director of InStyle, saw an advance screening of 'Milk' today. His verdict: 'I haven’t been as emotionally affected so much by any movie in years.'"

FULL: Harvey Milk Biopic to Premiere Tonight at Castro Theatre [Towle]
200810281517Gawker, the skeptical:
EXCERPT: Reports that elderly couples tried to walk out of early screenings surely didn't help, but Milk was going to struggle to be a crossover flick regardless of how it was promoted. Brokeback proved that a film depicting gay love could be successful without an audience that can't accept the material, but when a studio declares it must be very, very quiet in promoting a film, it pushes us toward another conclusion: Milk is going to be so bad Sean Penn won't have a chance at Oscar time no matter how many full page ads Focus runs.
FULL: Is Milk Too Gay Or Just Bad? [Gawker]

Fresh or sour, smooth or chunky, swallow it whole or opt for a skim -- we'll all find out soon enough.

**SEE ALSO: The trailer [G-A-Y]

***UPDATE, 10/29: Focus Honcho Bites Back At THR Milk Drivel [Queerty]

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Your thoughts

As a straight...who appreciates M/M however... this part of the review is good: and probably should/could be presented to straight audiences to allay their fears... eg even Sean Penn was 'afraid'...Rosenman writes: "Sean entered, wearing a long, curly brown wig and brown contact lenses, the spitting image of the Jewish hippie-ish Harvey Milk: sexy, handsome, and dangerous. He glanced at me and immediately discerned the terror in my eyes. Very quietly, practically soto voce, he leaned into me: 'You have nothing to worry about. I’ve only played gay once in my life and that was in Albert Innaurato’s The Transformation of Benno Blimpie and that was on the stage when I was really young. I’ve never played gay on screen. So here’s the deal: You have my back and I have your back and we’ll both get through this together.'"
Can't wait to see it.

Posted by: LOrion | Oct 28, 2008 3:43:46 PM

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