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Anti-gays rise 'above the hate' (that they started)

by Jeremy Hooper
*Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown head up something called The National Organization For Marriage, whose sole existence is to deny gays their equality. Maggie also goes on shows like Dr. Phil to spin this discrimination into something positive

Jim Dobson, Tony Perkins, and Don Wildmon need no introduction to any politically active gay who pays attention. Dobson and Perkins have been battling gays since God was still in diapers. And while Perkins in younger and newer to the scene, he has proven himself over the past decade or so to be their ignoble heir apparent.

*Wendy Wright & Janice Crouse spend their days at the
Concerned Women For America, opposing those pesky liberals at every turn. Resisting any and all advancement of gay rights is one of their most major "concerns."

*Regina Griggs runs an
organization whose entire focus is on "changing" gays. Regina has also proven herself willing to say just about anything to justify her cause.

Chris Clark, Jim Garlow, and Miles McPherson among the most visible faith leaders during the Prop 8 fight. Wherever there was a state, they were there to marry it to a church.

But don't you dare think these folks are encouraging hate. In fact, they are "above the hate."

Don't believe us? Well, consider this: In a move that quite literally constitutes the LEAST they could to prove their "peace-loving" ways, the aforementioned folks have put themselves down among the first 43 signers to a web petition called "Above The Hate," which they say was created so anti-gay folks can "stand together to say "Enough!" to the campaign of hate and intimidation being waged against the LDS Church and other supporters of California's Proposition 8." Here, Focus on the Family will fill you in more:

The National Organization for Marriage has launched a petition drive in response to incendiary attacks from gay activists in California and around the U.S. AboveTheHate.com has collected nearly 1,500 signatures of people thanking the Mormon Church for its support of Prop. 8, California's marriage-protection amendment
Good News: Hundreds Thank Mormon Church for Supporting Marriage [CitizenLink]

You know, because it's not the climate of fear, misinformation, persecution, discrimination, and harassment that they have dedicated their lives to fostering that makes people hate. No, no -- It's the marriage-deprived gays who are sick and tired of having their civil equality stifled by faith. Why it's a wonder these folks are able to get out of bed every morning knowing that there are loads of gays out there standing up for the "radical" idea that they have a right to share their own beds with the person they truly love!

[::eye roll, head shake, facepalm::]

**MORE: See the rest of the first 43 names who have risen "above the hate":

Maggie Gallagher

Brian Brown

Robert P.George

Dr. Jim Garlow

Donald E. Wildmon

James C. Dobson, Ph.D.

Charles W. Colson

Tony Perkins

Paul Weyrich

Dr. Gary Bauer

Bishop Harry Jackson

Richard Land

Ron Shuping

Tom Minnery

Maurine Proctor

Peter Knobloch

Ron Prentice

John Stemberger

Keith Wiebe

Dean Nelson

Phil Burress

Kelly Shackelford

Jeremiah G. Dys, Esq.

David E. Smith

Kathleen N. Benfield

Regina Griggs

Kris Mineau

Tom Shields

Colin A. Hanna

Diane Gramley

Micah Clark

Steve Noble

Molotov Mitchell

David Crowe

Wendy Wright

Janice Crouse, PhD

John Atkinson

Pastor Gregg Barnes

Jim Garlow

Pastor Chris Clark

Miles McPherson

Jim Franklin

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Your thoughts

Sometimes I just don't feel worthy of all the interest they direct at us. They spend so much of their time and money on us. I wish I knew how I could return the favor with equal zeal. Any ideas?

Posted by: Mike in the Tundra | Nov 24, 2008 7:54:04 PM

I so hope Gallagher shows up at this years hearings for marriage equality in RI because I've had it with that bitch. I'll heckle her this time around.

Posted by: Tony P | Nov 24, 2008 9:15:45 PM

Nope, sorry...MILK did it, we can do it....This from neat 'report' on MILK, not really review.

The movie, chronicling the rancorous California fight of gay activists against church-backed forces in the ’70s to prevent discrimination against gays,,..... is OPENING amid a rancorous California fight of gay activists against church-backed forces to prevent discrimination against gays.

Later the author emails Larry Kramer, a leading gay activist in the era after MILK, re PROP 8. (In l983 she had interviewed him about AIDS: " and he read me a list from a green notebook of 37 friends who had died. ")


That's us 'blessedly cantakerous' and more so every minute. The HOLY ROLLERS can take their Victorian morals right back to England...and let us get on with making this a better country.

Posted by: LOrion | Nov 24, 2008 10:14:42 PM

OOPs, got on first answer before I saw TonyP's comment.

GET ON HER TONY P. Every time she opens her mouth you (and a bunch of friends) open yours. Just as she did to MSignorile the other day. ... Just start telling it like it is they are BIGOTS!... Great word, sounds good shouted.

Posted by: LOrion | Nov 24, 2008 10:16:58 PM

The thing about Maggie Gallagher is that while she bends over backwards to avoid making arguments that are founded in obvious bigotry, she has no problem (and how could she, since she'd be standing alone otherwise) associating herself with some of the most despicable elements of the anti-marriage equality folks. Second only to the actual concrete benefits, the thing I'm most looking forward to about achieving full marriage equality in the US is that she'll have to get a real job and we won't have to think about her and her daffy arguments ever again.

Posted by: werdna | Nov 25, 2008 7:32:36 AM

Did anyone else notice that Jim Garlow is listed twice? He's toward the top of the list as Dr. Jim Garlow and toward the bottom of the list as just Jim Garlow. Is that a typo, or did he really sign twice?

Posted by: Michael | Nov 25, 2008 11:07:54 AM

Michael: Garlow's name does appear twice on the website, so it's not Jeremy's typo.

Posted by: werdna | Nov 25, 2008 5:45:03 PM

I am definitely boycotting the companies whose owners helped back Prop 8. I found some info on wiki about Stuart Matis, a homosexual in the Mormon community who committed suicide. Read his words below. I'm not just fighting for the rights of the LGBT community that is with us today. I'm fighting for people like Stuart Matis who aren't with us anymore.

Stuart Matis, a celibate homosexual, stated "Straight members have absolutely no idea what it is like to grow up gay in this church. It is a life of constant torment, self-hatred and internalized homophobia."[74] Stuart later committed suicide at an LDS chapel in Los Altos, California.[75] After two of his gay friends also committed suicide, Affirmation members began to hold suicide vigils around the country to raise awareness about suicide prevention and the destructive consequences of homophobia. Suicide victims are posted on its website.[76] Matis' story is described in the book In Quiet Desperation: Understanding the Challenge of Same-Gender Attraction[77] and was later inspired and created into the play "Missa Solemnis or The Play About Henry"written by non-Mormon playwright Roman Feeser.[78]

Posted by: Keller | Nov 25, 2008 7:43:22 PM

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