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Dissension in the rank biases

by Jeremy Hooper

Pam Spaulding has posted an e-blast from the official "yes on 8" crew, wherein those who eliminated gay rights in California seek even more funds to fuel their queer-unfriendly quests. And while that alone is enough to annoy a self-respecting fan of equality, we found something kinda funny lying beneath their words. Primarily, we got a kick out of the way they are pointedly lashing out at one Mr. Randy Thomasson without ever naming their fellow anti-gay personality by name. Here's an excerpt:

"There has been, unfortunately, some chatter from outside groups who claim to represent the Yes on 8 campaign, that has resulted in confusion as to what we are doing. As you know,ProtectMarriage.com – Yes on 8 is the only official campaign in favor of Proposition 8. It was our group that qualified the measure for the ballot and raised the approximately $40 million to pass the initiative. We had significant help from some critical allies like the National Organization for Marriage, Knights of Columbus, Focus on the Family and Family Research Council. But ProtectMarriage.com is the only committee that passed Prop. 8. Some other groups are attempting to use the passage of Prop 8 for fundraising and publicity purposes."

So who has been out on an almost daily basis issuing new and more unhinged press releases about the  Good As You Images  Good As You Images 200811061333-1anti-gay side's post-Prop 8 steps? RANDY THOMASSON and his CCF organization. Who's attempted to intervene in the case? RANDY THOMASSON and his CCF organization. Who has used Prop 8 to encourage more and greater donations? RANDY THOMASSON and his CCF organization. Who's already had a public battle with the "official" yes on 8 crew (with the "official" set even referring to the other party as "extremist")? RANDY THOMASSON and his CCF organization.

So while we can't be sure that "yes on 8" is specifically trying to distance their more stealthily extreme work from the obviously extreme version that Randy Thomasson peddles, empirical evidence would suggest that we're not too far off. It seems that the "official" team realizes the unapologetically cruel and vicious logic that is on their side, and they are quickly trying to draw a line in the sand so as to keep the post-pro 8 days from raising people's eyebrows and consciousnesses in even greater ways than it already has.

We totally get WHY they would want to do this. But we also totally get that while the words might be different, the intent of one anti-equality group is just as mean-spirited, cruel, and dehumanizing as the other. So we will unapologetically connect the dots that they are so clearly trying to erase.

ProtectMarriage.com's latest e-bla$t [PHB]
(H/t: Scott Hutcheson)

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Your thoughts

Is this because Thomasson is threatening justices who vote to overturn Prop 8 with recall petitions? Talk about using intimidation as a tactic! Although, Puqno has done the same, but slightly less rancorously.

Randy must be stinging from the denial of all of his petitions to intervene in the Prop H8 proceeding! Ouch!

Posted by: Dick Mills | Nov 20, 2008 5:26:18 PM

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