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Kern won re-election, not validity

by Jeremy Hooper

One thing we really wish is that the anti-gay side would stop confusing their ability to obtain popular opinion or popular vote in certain areas as a measure of their righteousness. History is littered with instances in which the majority seized upon discriminatory ideas and people.

 Good As You Images Picture-2-169Here, check out this little passage that Peter LaBarbera has put up on his Americans For Truth site. it involves the the notorious Sally Kern and her ability to achieve reelection in her conservative Oklahoma district despite the unbelievably hostile comments she made earlier this year:

“My race and Dana Murphy’s race show that Oklahoma is one of the most conservative states [in] the nation – and we still believe strongly in the Judeo-Christian ethic,” Rep. Kern told Americans For Truth. “We will take a stand up for what we believe in – in spite of the attacks by liberal elites and the attempt by pro-homosexual special interest groups to use out-of-state money to influence the vote in our state.”

Kern told AFTAH that ironically, the massive web-fueled homosexual activist campaign targeting her actually elevated the homosexual agenda as an election issue in Oklahoma. [Mothers Organized for a Moral Society (MOMS)] sent out a mailer informing voters statewide of [Jim Roth’s] endorsement by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, and that out-of-state homosexual donors were helping to finance the incumbent Democrat’s campaign.

Okay, so Pete and Sally are saying that Sally and Dana Murphy's voters went conservative in electing both to office. We don't disagree. They say that the gay-baiting worked for their side, and that they were able to use Roth's endorsement by the Victory Fund against him. We don't disagree. They say a majority of voters were willing to overlook the massive web-fueled campaign that highlighted Sally's nasty, nasty anti-gay views. We don't disagree. Where we STRONGLY disagree is in Pete and Sally's attempts to spin this as some sort of noble "triumph," in which the votes lent credence to the bias. The truth is that the votes only lent awareness to the bias, showing just how much work we must do to come together and form a peaceful society in which LGBT folks are not only accepted, but respected!

There is a reason why the anti-gay side wins in conservative districts and loses in more accepting arenas. There is a logic behind why the pro-"ex-gay" ideas gain merit in faith-based communities but lose out with the trained doctors, scientists, and mental health professionals. There is a reason why gay marriage bans win anecdotal votes, but lose out in rational courts of law. There is a logic to why those who actually spend time with actual gay people are far more likely to be pro-gay than those who prefer peripheral persecution. There is a reason why Fortune 500 companies are on our side, not theirs. There is a reason why most of this nation's esteemed halls of academia are considered to be quite pro-gay.

The reason and the logic? Reason and logic. Those concepts can be suppressed by force, but they will always prevail in the end.

Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern Wins Re-election in Landslide Despite Homosexual Smear Campaign [AFTAH]

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Noted Homo-Hater, Sally Kern, Declared Honorary Gay/Lesbian Person

(OKLAHOMA CITY) To commemorate National Coming Out Day on Saturday, October 11, 2008, I am exercising my gay genetic heritage and declaring Rep. Sally Kern of Oklahoma an honorary gay/lesbian person in recognition of the fine work she has done to keep our community's issues in the forefront of media attention, both here in Oklahoma and nationwide.

In a country turned upside down by religious and financial turmoil I feel that it is important to keep our American values straight and forthright. Her latest pronouncements have illustrated the debt our gay brothers and sisters owe to her. http://tinyurl.com/3qenfk and http://tinyurl.com/4jjsdz


Where as: Mrs. Kern has defended the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms by exercising civil disobedience in carrying a gun twice into the State Capitol in Oklahoma City http://tinyurl.com/5vfh7v

Where as: Mrs. Kern has shown us how to defend the 1st Amendment by her attempt to remove gay-supportive books from public libraries http://newsok.com/article/2934605

Where as: Mrs. Kern has demonstrated her profound patriotism by diverting the public's attention away from terrorism and towards gay/lesbian equality http://tinyurl.com/6ggxu6

Where as: Mrs. Kern has helped populate our ranks with new members http://tinyurl.com/34gg3d

Where as: Mrs. Kern has directed media attention towards the inequalities of living openly as a gay man or woman in the USA http://tinyurl.com/4gy4yb

Where as: Mrs. Kern has helped educate parents and legislators about gays and lesbians with her P-FLAG interview http://tinyurl.com/484bax

Be it resolved that: Mrs Sally Kern, Republican legislator in House District 84, in the State of Oklahoma, be recognized as an honorary gay/lesbian person for the rest of her God-given natural life, and

Be it further resolved that: Donations honoring this life-time achievement of Mrs. Kern be made to the campaign of Ron Marlett, her Democratic opponent http://www.actblue.com/contribute/entity/21047

Be it finally resolved that: Congratulatory messages can be sent to Rep. Kern at [email protected] , 405-557-7348, or 2713 Sterling Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73127

Posted by: James Nimmo | Nov 14, 2008 2:06:10 PM

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