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Latter Day in an earlier day: Looking back at a past Mormon battle

by Jeremy Hooper
-A minority community is upset with the Mormon church.

-The Mormon Church "severely opposes" one certain kind of marriage.

-The Mormon church fails to see why people are upset with them.

-Despite their clearly unfair actions, the Mormon church denies any bias

That is the simplified story of 2008's gay-Mormon debate. As you will see from this AP report, these exact same bullet points were also in play way back in 1969:

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BYU Officials, Students Hurt, Angry Over Black Protests  By ROBERT Kl'ESTERMAN  PROVO, Utah ui - Wavw  black proteit roll toward  Bii-gham Young University,  assaulting Mormon belief and  leaving BYU officials and stu-  dent* perplexed, hurt—maybe a  little angry.  With mounting frequency,  black demonstrations erupt at  schools meeting BYU in athletic  events.  The most dramatic came last  month with Wyoming Coadi  Lloyd Eaton kicking li black  football players off his team the  day before a game with BYU.  But while winds of dissent  swirl through the West, the BYU  campus inUelf is an eye of  quiet. No protests — just  thousands of young Mormons  pursuing learning in a homey  central Utah town.  '

Our opposition criticizes us for drawing parallels between our civil rights fight and THE Civil Rights (capital C, capital R) fight. That's a bit bit unfair, since few of us make the claim that all the connections are direct, with most learned people understanding that every individual fight for freedom and equality is different. But that being said, it is just foolish to deny that there are many connections. And it's also undeniable that a large numbers of these connections lie in the arena or religion, with Biblical justification for shortsightedness a major factor. It's just the reality.

It is not "Mormon bashing" to ask the church to rethink their short-sighted views and political actions. It's also not unfair to ask the church if maybe their current stances will look just as embarrassing in 39 years as the above (hopefully) look today!

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Your thoughts

So, the Mormon Church believed that their stance against interracial marriage (they referred to it as the Negro Doctrine) was "divinely given" (whatever the fuck that means). But now, while they seem to discourage interracial marriage, they will, nonetheless, allow members to marry members of another race. So, either god came down and placed his finger to a "new" stone tablet, or they interpreted the first damned one incorrectly.

In either scenario, one is left with the nagging question as to what else fuckers are conveniently misinterpreting to support their own prejudice. Or, what else will god flip-flop on in the future. Neither one inspires any confidence in the infallible or unequivocal or unadulterated claims those bastards make with regard to their "divinely" inspired texts.

Yet, and still, the mindless minions continue to follow the lying liars, and the highly lucrative endeavor keeps crusading on.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Nov 25, 2008 3:14:57 PM

Amazing to learn how long and how intently the Mormons have been involved in fighting the same-sex marriage equality issue. If the LDS church has gone from being known as the practicers of polygamist marriage to the protectors of traditional marriage, wiping away 150 years of a polygamist cult stigma for only $40 million dollars, then I say it was money well-spent. The strategy may be insidious, but you have to give them credit. No one’s talking about how half the girls at the LDS polygamist texas ranch were impregnated by church elders or Warren Jeff’s pedophilic acts. They’re talking same-sex marriage. The Catholics would do well to copy the Mormon insidious playbook.

Posted by: james | Dec 3, 2008 9:32:32 PM

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