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Probably not the star power they would've liked

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 4-190Posing as his gay character, Bruno, actor Sacha Baron Cohen put his tongue in his cheek yesterday afternoon and joined California's anti-gay forces at a Los Angeles area "yes on 8" rally:

Sacha Baron Cohen crashes LA rally as 'Bruno' [AP via Google]
(AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

It's near certainty that this appearance was for his planned "Bruno" movie. Which means that while California's anti-gay side will undoubtedly appear in the 2020 documentary, "An Acceptable Bias: How Otherwise Decent Golden Staters Chose To Be So Frighteningly Cruel," there very well might be a more immediate cinematic appearance on the horizon. So hopefully they covered up any blemishes they might have just as effectively as they've hidden the rank bias that permeates their cruel endeavor.

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