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Prop 8 spokesman/lawyer: Pro-gay lawyers not using the Bible enough

by Jeremy Hooper

200811191137Want more examples of the "pro-family" side, via their words and quotes, indicating just how fully they don't get it? Well check out this little snippet from One News Now, in which writer Charlies Butts and anti-gay lawyer Brad Dacus (who compared marriage equality to Nazi Germany) criticize those groups who are fighting to have Prop 8 overturned in a court of CIVIL LAW:

Dacus says he understands where the organizations are coming from, and says it is not the Bible. "These groups that just filed the brief are the ones that are the most adamantly against Christians who believe in the Bible, believe in what the Bible teaches," he adds. "Their intolerance is unmistakable, and their hypocrisy is very evident in what they've filed."

Wait, you mean to tell us that lawyers who are fighting for civil marriage equality in a court of law aren't using the Bible to support heir filings?! What next, "pro-family" kids: Are you gonna thoroughly blow all of our minds when you tell us that drivers license seekers highlight their proficiency in piloting a vehicle rather than God's proficiency in piloting their lives? Or perhaps you'll lash out at the government for forcing those who are called to jury duty to attend actual court buildings rather than to stage a recreation of the Sanhedrin Trial of Jesus? Where is it gonna stop?!

But by all means, Mr. Dacus: Please take Leviticus to the CA Supreme Court and use it as your defense of Proposition 8. It would be (a) the most revelatory your side has ever been about your true basis and intent, and (b) a surefire way to ensure that we gays will have the right to marry in San Francisco by Xmas!

Prop. 8 opponents show 'intolerance', 'hypocrisy' [ONN]

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Your thoughts

They're running out of ways to hide their hypocrisy.

Posted by: RainbowPhoenix | Nov 19, 2008 12:19:00 PM

Y'know, I've always felt that Leviticus is the whole problem, but it never occurred to me that that damn verse should, indeed, be brought out into the open, and see how Christianists might try to defend it in some rational way. Brilliant!

Posted by: latebrosus | Nov 19, 2008 12:52:49 PM

I am mounting a campaign to recall Governor Schwarzenneger and to remove you and Senator Feinstein from office as well. And while on the subject, I'm asking for an inquiry into the dealings of Nancy Pelosi. Why is she wasting our tax-payer money going to China? She has work that she's not doing here. I realize that China owns much of the United States these days, but I don't want her being the person in charge of anything- much less handling our Chinese/US business affairs.
How can it be that gays can get married in a bumkin state like Idaho- LEGALLY- but not here in California? The land of supposed 'fruits and nuts' as the decades old joke goes?
Well, it is a joke alright- where else in the country could a former womanizing, drug-using, steroid abusing, immigrant, and body-builder turned 'businessman' become Governor.
We don't have any money, but the Mormons have enough to mount a hateful and judgemental campaign against a group who does pay taxes- unlike all Mormon 'churches'. The Mormons believe that when you die- you go live on a planet with your wives and that their wearing of 'secret/special' underwear will help harness this power. Are you kidding me? These are the people that we're having to bow to? Churches want to get involved in political/social affairs- then they should have to start paying taxes- ALL the taxes that I have to pay. I hear more from churches and see more commercials/broadcasts on TV about churches than I ever have about 'gays' or 'immigrants' or anything for that matter. Why? Where is the 'separation of church and State'- if you people pray before starting your meetings, it's written on the currency, and these church groups make such large campaign/special interest contributions- all tax-free I might add.
There is certainly no 'justice for all' being done here and the USA is rapidly turning into two sides- 'us' against 'them'. How much longer are we going to have to endure this antiquated 2-party system. And one that was unwanted in the formation time-period as well. Washington and Hamilton both were adamantly opposed to the forming of a 2-party system for exactly the reasons we see happening today.
You people are wasting my tax-dollars and getting nothing done. It's more than the usual bureaucratic 'red-tape' too- now it's personal.
I will be leaving California and will not return until there is something done about this. I just don't get how we can be the largest populated state in the Union and still be so backwards and conservative. People for decades have long been misclassifying California. We should become a Red State like Texas- and we certainly have the same caliber of idiots running this State like our former President governed that state and- sadly- later the country.

Posted by: PETITION FOR RECALL | May 26, 2009 1:45:23 PM

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