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T. Banks: Now quite literally a 'T Bank'

by Jeremy Hooper

Tyra Banks is helping one of her former "Top Model" contestants accomplish something beyond "smiling with her eyes" or perfecting her "fierce" runway walk. According to US Weekly, Tyra has set up gender reassignment surgery for transgender contestant Isis King, which King will receive free of charge.

Here's a clip from an episode scheduled to air tomorrow:

A real Phil-to-Annthrophist, that Tyra!

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Tyra Banks Surprises Contestant With Sex Change Operation [Us]

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Your thoughts

Tyra Male-to-Female! You go, Tyra!

Posted by: Chris | Nov 17, 2008 3:20:34 PM

holy moly! you should see the comments on that site!

Posted by: Nancy | Nov 17, 2008 9:46:06 PM

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