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That revelatory Prop 8 letter finally gets mainstream media play

by Jeremy Hooper

We've already given you a glimpse of today's "Dr. Phil" show. However, we felt the need to highlight one more clip in its own post, because this one is a doozy for many reasons:

Okay, first off: No, Jeff, let US tell you what the letter said. You can either read it right here, or we will even read it to you. Here are both options:

As you can see, this official "yes on 8" letter doesn't just inform. It doesn't even just threaten. The letter FLAT OUT tried to extort businesses into making a like donation! It was issued during the heat of the campaign as a blatant attempt to pressure businesses not even to just be neutral, but rather to give funds to a political cause that they do not believe in. Maggie Gallagher, in her rambly attempts to get Phil to move on from this point, was right about one thing: There is a HUGE difference between (a) boycotting a business that gave to a cause you don't believe in and (b) demanding that a business come over to your side and give you cash. THE LATTER (what "yes on 8" did) IS MUCH, MUCH, WORSE!

Which leads us to Phil's little quip about it happening on the "no on 8" side as well. Well no, Phil, it hasn't happened like this. At all. You did not see the official NO ON 8 campaign issuing letters like this. In fact, you haven't seen the official NO ON 8 campaign even call for a boycott. Any boycott or anything like that is citizen-enacted, which is a right each and every one of us has (and one that the far-right, especially the AFA, has adopted as a favorite pastime). But you did not -- DID NOT! -- see an organized effort on our side to threaten, blackmail, and/or extort cash from any business! You didn't.

Like the donations themselves, this letter is just another thing the "yes on 8" side would have preferred to have kept under wraps. Who the heck knows what else we've yet to uncover?!?!

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Your thoughts

So did Joe say anything...especially when Maggie motor-mouth was jabbering? He brags all over his HRC Bulletin yester that he is going to 'help' by being on the show.

Posted by: LOrion | Nov 21, 2008 5:53:22 PM

Is it wrong that I am secretly re-assured by the fact everyone on the "Yes on 8" side of the audience is like 1000 years old?

Posted by: Alex | Nov 21, 2008 6:07:43 PM

Alex: The diff. in the audience members was striking. At the beginning of the show, Phil announced that he had divided the crowd, but didn't say which was which. But he didn't need to -- It took maybe 1/8 of a second to tell who was sitting where.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Nov 21, 2008 6:27:07 PM

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