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The wkend Impact: Which foes joined us 'mos?

by Jeremy Hooper

All over America this weekend, LGBT people and their allies took to the streets in reasoned, principled demonstrations. Why? Well, because we find the homo-hostile tone that still plagues this world to be quite nauseating, and we find Proposition 8 to be an ugly reminder of just how pervasive that hostility still is. If standing firm against regressive mindsets means putting off Saturday afternoon plans for one week, then so be it -- our lives and loves are more important than sneaking a contraband snack into the new Bond flick.

But you know who wasn't invited to the party? You know who we could have totally done without? You know who should have instead been home basking in their own marriages' supposed "sanctity"? You know who, via their lives' work, are major reasons why we gay folks still have to put off our weekend matinees in order to fight for matrimony?

Head over to Pam's House Blend to find out which far-from-Newsom twosome crashed the party in Chi-Town:

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Caption these: The Peter and Bam Bam at Join the Impact Chicago [PHB]

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Your thoughts

I'm a hostile homo. I say out the #2 in our legislature. Our #3 is open but hasn't really endorsed marriage equality.

Posted by: Tony P | Nov 16, 2008 8:47:31 PM

Porno Pete has no credibility. The man is so deep in the closet he's finding cockroaches, and concerned woman Matt Barber is in there fondling him.

Posted by: RainbowPhoenix | Nov 16, 2008 9:19:28 PM

Is Matt pregnant? Maybe a Barbara Walters special is in the offing? Or maybe the currency that Liberty Counsel pays with is food? That could explain Jerry Falwell's girth! Matt surly has porked out, hasn't he! Of course, he probably never managed to score any of the morning danish over at Concerned (Consumed) Women? Those women must really scarf it down, so much so that Matt couldn't compete!

And, Pete looks more like a sleazy perv every day, doesn't he! Not that there is anything wrong with that, Pete! But he should think about getting some contacts (or laser surgery). And, Pete, embrace the bald! That comb-over and those glasses together look too much like the stereotypical pedophile from the seventies.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Nov 16, 2008 9:34:26 PM

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