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Video: Marriage equality? Sherri doesn't say 'Whoopi!'

by Jeremy Hooper

You know which "View" cohost is not with us on marriage equality? You know which "View" cohost is choosing to pass off far-right fallacies about "jailed preachers"? Well, it's not Elisabeth. She does give some lip service to "legislating from the bench" (as per her conservative credentials), but she has actually been supportive of our unions in the past. No, no -- the one who "struggles" is none other than Sherri "is the world flat?/ Christians came before everything/ my son better not be transgender" Shepherd:

Oh so frustrating. And that feisty little comeback Sherri had for Babs Walters regarding the quotes she had correctly placed around "jailed"? It's the epitome of the sort of aggressive ignorance that keeps our rights up for debate!

The View 11/07/08 [YouTube]

**We do also have to correct Hasselbeck on her talking points. The Swedish case to which she is referring is Ake Green, and he was not, in fact, punished because he didn't want to marry a gay couple. Green was punished because he said homosexuality is "abnormal, a horrible cancerous tumor in the body of society," as well assaying other stuff about people being unable to be both gay and a Christian at the same time. Green published his thoughts in a local paper, it caught attention and protest, and under Sweden's laws against hate speech (which America does not have and which there is no organized movement to obtain), Green was found to be in violation.

The decision was later overturned and Green was acquitted, but the case has been a fallacious talking point for social conservatives ever since.

**UPDATE, 11/10: The discussion continued on today's show.

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Your thoughts

What about the first amendment don't they understand? There'd still be freedom of religion and speech whether there's gay marriage or not.

They could still be bigoted to their little hearts content.

Posted by: John | Nov 7, 2008 4:26:25 PM

I sent the following in an email to ABC. (500 character limits suck.)

I'm amazed at the ignorance shown by the hosts of The View on the subject of gay marriage. Being jailed for speaking against homosexuality is a free speech issue, not a gay rights issue.

Calling it anything but marriage is unacceptable. Separate but equal is inherently unequal.

The subject of gay civil marriage has nothing to do with religious marriage.

Finally, a tip for Sherri: You may know gays as coworkers or relatives, but you aren't being a friend if you want to remove their rights.

Posted by: Matt Algren | Nov 7, 2008 4:51:45 PM

They just don't get it, civil marriage and religious marriage are not the same. Religious officials can deny marriage based on their beliefs. Is it religious discrimination when the Catholic Church says that a marriage cannot be carried out if one of the persons is not baptized? The Catholic Church can also deny a marriage in cases where progeny is not possible due to impotence.

I use the Catholic Church as an example because I was raised Catholic. I'm not going to debate whether it's right or wrong, but there are established precedents where religious institutions can deny marriage based on belief structures. So why all of a sudden will they be forced into offering gay marriage?

This all just so frustrating.

Posted by: Miranda Janell Ragland | Nov 7, 2008 6:41:49 PM

Sometimes I just want to scream, but of course I would probably be accused of being a screaming queen. My church was able to marry the hubby and me despite our state having a DOMA. If they could do that, any church could refuse to marry us.

As for adoption, that is even crazier. We raised two children, but legally I am their only parent. The really weird part, my partner cannot make my final arrangements. One of the children would have to do that. Even weirder, neither the children or I can make my partner's final arrangements. A distant cousin would have to make his arrangements.

Can we talk about insurance? My employer is great. I can carry health and dental insurance on my husband, but I have to pay taxes on my employer's contribution which is significant.

I'm normally an easy going guy, but I've been mad since Tuesday night. Barack Obama's election was wonderful, but then we got hit with Proposition 8. Proposition 8 wouldn't have any effect here in Minnesota, but I'm really mad. I contributed money to the fight already, and I will continue to do so.

Okay, I'll step down from my soapbox now.

Posted by: Mike in the Tundra | Nov 7, 2008 6:57:45 PM

Well, it's not unusual for Elisabeth to bear false witness - the woman never met a fact that she wasn't willing to twist for her political agenda. But Shepherd is just the most willfully ignorant "celebrity" I've ever seen - and certainly not a "Christian." It offends me deeply when someone who is a member of an ethnic group which constantly reminds us of their ancestral suffering is so flippant about the suffering of others.

Posted by: kevinbgoode | Nov 7, 2008 7:54:31 PM

It does continue to astound me how many of the people who CLAIM such a deep connection to "religious" marriage don't seem to know anything about the history of the institution.

Maybe someone needs to pass a proposition requiring every one of those straight applicants for a "marriage" license pass a goddamned course on marriage. How can all of these straight people know so little?

Posted by: kevinbgoode | Nov 7, 2008 7:59:03 PM

Mike...do not get off the soapbox....get on a higher ONE!! That is what would have won PROP H8 for us..people like you TELLING THEIR STORIES. According to arguments...I mean discussions I had during the campaign..it was just a long list of excuses with the refusal to admit it was just bigoted homophobia. BLATANT bigotry. We need more and more and more openness from GAYS at all levels, especially those closeted in Xtian churches. ...
And they will need support when they come out so get ready all GLBT and Aliies..roll up your sleeves.. (kiss your SO) ...and lets get to work.

Posted by: LOrion | Nov 7, 2008 8:45:54 PM

First off Jesus never mentioned gay people so if you follow Christ you wouldn't hate...Second Jeremy I think perhaps you should go on "The View" and do a segment....perhaps you could explain all these fallicies...
But considering you'd have to convince someone who thinks the earth is @ 5 thousand years old literally, you'd have a hard time......I love the old I'm not a racist I have many friends who are are black, latin, asian, gay, whatever.... excuse sherrie tried to use when talking about her cousin I wonder how he and his Partner feel about her ignorance?!?!?!....

Posted by: JOHN NORMILE | Nov 8, 2008 3:26:45 PM

Hasselbeck... sigh. Where does she get her info, from the Westboro Baptist Church?

We don't even have gay marriage in Sweden, only civil unions. It looks like it will be legalized in 2009 or 2010. Many countries and some American states beat us to it, so Sweden isn't quite the bastion of gay rights that people like Hasselbeck and Phelps make it out to be.

As for Åke Green, he never served any time. He was acquitted in the Supreme Court.

Posted by: BlueSwede | Nov 9, 2008 7:47:21 AM

Where is the contact info for the View? I don't see it on their web page. I want to send them a >500 word piece of my mind. Thanks.

Posted by: David | Nov 10, 2008 12:10:50 PM

You can complain to ABC about The View spreading anti-gay marriage lies and propaganda...


You can also contact Sherri Shepherd directly through her website...


Posted by: Josh | Nov 11, 2008 12:15:26 PM

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