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Accepting gays and comparing them to incestuous couples: An irreconcilable difference

by Jeremy Hooper

A reader sent us an emailing challenging us on the video wherein Obama's invited VIP, Pastor Rick Warren, compares same-sex unions to polygamy, pedophilia, and incest. In case you haven't seen said video, here, let us show it to you again:

(particularly egregious part begins around 2:10)

Okay, so our emailer made a point that we were being unfair in isolating the parts that specifically show Warren's unenlightened views (the aforementioned pedo-incest-polyg part, the "pastors will be arrested" nonsense, and he Prop 8 support). Our emailer tried to make the point that Rick's first thoughts, the ones about divorce being a "greater threat" than marriage equality for gay people, prove that he's not anti-gay. We will now tell that emailer (and everyone else) why that line of reasoning is complete and utter cock-a-poopy:

-Divorce is the dissolution of a marriage. Same-sex unions are the legal solidification of a bond. It's galling that the two matters are even presented in the same breath! It's like comparing a heterosexual couple who's celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with another couple who is celebrating the half-century since they left their lying, cheating spouse.

-Regardless of your views on divorce, few of us would argue that it's an ideal. Hopefully nobody enters into a union thinking that they are going to end it sooner or later. So even though we don't view divorce as any sort of a "sin," we totally get it why folks would wish to reduce the number of separations and dissolutions.

-But same-sex marriage IS an ideal for many. If anything, it's the evangelical's cruel opposition to marriage equality that should be directly compared to divorce. They are the ones who are forcing many of us to remain legal strangers with the ones we love!

-It is deeply offensive to loving gay couples to even accept the idea that "
I do" and "Get the hell out of my house, you cheating bastard!" are birds of the same feather!

-Plus, even if Pastor Warren has made out with a dude in the first segment, it wouldn't negate his later comments! He directly compared our two-partner love and our non-blood-related-adult-headed families to incestuous, paedophilic, and polygamous bonds! He also bore false witness in terms of civil marriage equality, saying that such was a threat to "free speech" and could lead to the criminalization of pastors. And then he defended his support for rolling back minority rights, a form of tyranny that would seem to us to be about as un-Jesus-y as you can get!!

But we do sincerely thank our emailer for writing and challenging us, and to say that we think there are many other writers out there who are more unfair. And so, of course, now that we've put a nice face on things, we have a free pass to compare our emailer to a letter bomber -- right?

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