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Audio: Some 'ex-gay' for your almost-'ex-2008'

by Jeremy Hooper

Overthinking natural desires. Grasping at straws to prove that you might, kinda, sorta, maybe, someday, under the right circumstances, in the right climate, possibly wanna grasp at a female. Acting as if your professed identity means ANYTHING in terms of the truth about "change." Justifying the obvious, easily discernible pain that comes from self-denial by presenting it as if it's the only acceptable path to God. Speaking without abandon, with seeming non-concern for what harm your scientifically-unsupported work brings to so many families.

Just another day at the office for professional "ex-gay" Randy Thomas:


Makes us sad. Genuinely. No snark. Our heart really hurts for those who've eschewed their chance at the real, powerful, EASY happiness that we call life. And we feel that pain on an intimately familiar level, as we completely understand how, under the right set of (geographic, familial, religious, cultural) circumstances, just about any of this nation's queer people could be led away from the peaceful path that we were able to find through an embrace of open-minded education, exploration, and honest self-reflection.

This audio is part of a lengthy, pretty straightforward (in more ways than one) "ex-gay" article. Head over to Chattanooga Free Press to check out the rest:

Faith said to change sexual orientation [Chattanooga Free Press]

**Oh, but we have to mention one more piece of beef we have with Randster. He says in the CFP article:

The media and gay activists want to make it all about some sort of fight between us and them, and that’s just not true,” said Mr. Thomas, who says he has not identified himself as a gay person in 16 years. “Yes, we do have moral disagreements, but we don’t exist to oppose the gay community.

Okay, well in addition to the obvious, which is that they are trying to change the conversation so that homosexuality looks as changeable as underwear, it is a fact -- A FACT! -- that the "ex-gay" community is going against gays in other, very real ways. Like, for instance, this anti-hate crimes legislation ad tin which Randy appeared back in 2005

Picture 11-2 1
(that's Randy on the far right)

The ads, which ratchet the whole "special protections" line up to a bizarre degree, ran across the country during that year's inclusive hate crimes debate. And here, Randy also tells about he went to DC during this to lobby against LGBT-inclusive legislation. Legislation designed SOLELY to protect queer people from harm! And that's always the case with ANY gay rights measure on the table. Where there is a political discussion, there is always an "ex-gay" on the other side telling people why they don't have to vote in favor of a "changeable lifestyle."

So yes, you and your friends ARE in a fight against our lives and our loves, Randy. Just like with sexuality, your willingness or refusal to admit and/or accept this truth does not change the reality.

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Your thoughts

The man hasn't identifed as gay for 16 years. . . .

I was able to identify the gay accent after 16 seconds.

Posted by: Buddy | Dec 29, 2008 7:51:34 PM

I was able to detect an accent after 5 seconds.

Posted by: Emily | Dec 29, 2008 10:17:47 PM

So, Randy didn't set out to become straight, just "non-gay". I suspect that he DID set out to become straight, but settled for being asexual - for 16 f'ing years. That must be why some of them have adopted the post-gay moniker. And, what I find beyond belief is first that these guys think that they have something to offer, but more than that that anyone would want what they are offering.

Though, I do have to admit that I can understand the profit motive that can attract the professional post(mortem/partum)-gays. Those social conservatives have some serious bank behind them, and they have every motivation to keep their prized pets comfortable. Because, let's face it, with out the formerly gay, now-rehabilitated, now bible-spouting, hood ornaments on the social conservative's steam roller, their mantra would ring pretty hollow. Not that the promise of an asexual future doesn't ring pretty hollow as well.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Dec 29, 2008 10:39:16 PM

Becoming celibate does NOT change your sexual orientation.

No wonder he's so obsessed over gay people and every aspect of homosex - you'd be a raving lunatic too, if you haven't gotten laid in 16 years.

Posted by: Scott | Dec 30, 2008 6:11:19 AM

Another thing, Randy is certainly lying. This quote is from an older post of his, which Randy has tried to scrub from the internet:

"I think everyone deserves the same basic set of civil rights across the board. However, many gay activists proclaim that they deserve special civil rights protections for just about any legislative battle that they pitch. The Civil Rights act of 1964 lays out three criteria for protected class status: [emphasis mine]

1. Immutable Characteristics
2. Proven widespread pattern of discrimination
3. Economic Disenfranchisement

Homosexuality is far from proven immutable. There isn’t a proven widespread pattern of discrimination for those who identify as gay either. But the point of this post and [the statistics presented in the post] are proof that not only do those who identify as gay compete for good salaries very well… they get them. The gay identified community is the most prosperous, median salary wise, community in the country.

Believe what you will about what the gay identified community deserves or needs but the truth is that using “civil rights” language is disingenuous in that they do not meet the criteria set forth in The Civil Rights Act. It is not I saying this but the act itself."

Of course Randy and the "ex-gays" are innocent and minds their own business.

Posted by: Scott | Jan 1, 2009 7:25:50 PM

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