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Congratulations -- it's an appointed lesbian!

by Jeremy Hooper

Yesterday, intrepid Advocate reporter Kerry Eleveld released a piece about the LGBT community's frustrations over none of president-elect Obama's senior-level appointments being part of the rainbow. Well apparently Eleveld is some sort of a queer rain dancer, because the presidential appointee goddesses have just smiled upon the the LGBT crew. This from the AP:

SutleyA Democratic official says Presidential-elect Barack Obama has selected a deputy mayor of Los Angeles to lead the White House Council on Environmental Quality.
The official said that Mr. Obama's choice is Nancy Sutley, who supported Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in her primary campaign for the presidency....Sutley is the first prominent member of the gay and lesbian community that Mr. Obama has named to a senior role in his administration.
Source: Obama Picks Environment Official [AP via CBS News]

So Kerry, the next assignment for your pen/magic wand: An exclusive piece on our frustrations over DOMA, ENDA, DADT, and marriage equality. Get to it.

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Why hasn't Obama appointed even one openly queer cabinet member?

Posted by: libhomo | Dec 10, 2008 8:02:02 PM

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