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Defying Bigotry: 'Wicked' composer won't hold wicked ban against all LDS groups

by Jeremy Hooper

Broadway composer Stephen Schwartz is rightfully pissed about Proposition 8 and the Mormon church's organization role in getting it passed. However, the Pippin and Godspell tunesmith has no plans to prevent his songs from being performed by LDS affiliated groups like the BYU Young Ambassadors:

Picture 19-45"I have not withdrawn the use of my songs by the BYU Young Ambassadors and do not intend to do so," Schwartz said Monday in an e-mail. "They are a student singing group."

Nonetheless, he urged all "fair-minded Mormons to reconsider their position and come to support the right of homosexuals to marry the person they love … I continue to believe that the most important tenet of any religion is 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.' "

'Wicked' composer won't withhold work from LDS groups over Prop 8 [SLT]
(H/t: J.M.G.)

Fair enough. But for any anti-gay people who performs Stephen's songs, the real question should be: How do you reconcile your love for a gay person's work with your hostility towards that same person's love? Sure, those two positions might be reconcilable through the same sort of flowery prose that has been used to justify bias for centuries. But when you cut through the rhetoric, the fact is: The LDS church's Prop 8 stance crushed us to the very soul! So at the end of the day, those who signed on to that anti-gay train need to look deep inside and ask themselves whether it's hypocritical to reap the benefits of the gay community's creative efforts considering the benefits-depriving, soul-numbing effects that their own efforts caused for the gay community!

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**BONUS: Godspell's hippie, peace-loving Christianity:

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Your thoughts

It's frustrating as hell when you want to shake people, hit 'em upside the head and say, "What the **** is your problem?!"

But Schwartz is handling this well. Whether you're Christian or not, the whole "do unto others" thing is more effective.

Shouting makes you feel good for about two seconds, but just makes them dig in their heels more, or gives them more fuel for the "We're really the victim" anthem they've been using lately.

Posted by: Bonnie Half-Elven | Dec 16, 2008 12:33:18 PM

Lately?! They've been claiming victimhood for decades.

Posted by: RainbowPhoenix | Dec 16, 2008 1:01:33 PM

i feel similarly conflicted when i listen to Wagner's music.

Posted by: | Dec 16, 2008 9:14:28 PM

...and .....Still, Mormons in New York City continue to feel the heat from friends and colleagues. Some LDS actors and producers have considered removing BYU or the University of Utah from their resumes, rather than face questions about their faith. Others simply keep quiet about their church affiliation in an ironic "don't ask-don't tell" strategy.
IMAGINE...being made to feel uncomfortable revealing something about yourself..just more of that old double standard tapping its way onto Broadway again.

Posted by: LOrion | Dec 16, 2008 11:40:01 PM

Also from the article: "In the past month, Matthew Herrick, an actor and singer who teaches voice at New York University, has had endless conversations about Proposition 8 with gay friends. He is among many Latter-day Saints in show business who feel the gay community should have equal civil rights, Herrick said, and unfair generalizations about Mormons could harm people's professional lives.
"A large majority of my male associates in the theater are gay. I love them dearly and they know that," said Herrick, who is married and has three children. "I support them in their fight and struggle and yet they know I am a strong member in a church that does not. Yes, a disproportionate percent of the backlash against Prop. 8 is aimed at my church. Hopefully, a lot of it is just talk."

WHEREAS, what they did was support a Constitutional Amendment that stripped rights away! ... and they want 'just talk' back.... I DONT THINK SO!
Go Stonewall 2.0

Posted by: LOrion | Dec 16, 2008 11:42:41 PM

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