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FOF: Adopt our agenda, THEN you can adopt

by Jeremy Hooper

We unapologetically despise much of the "pro-family" community's agenda because, well, it is just is cruel and discriminatory towards our lives and loves. However, sometimes they take stands that demonstrate how truly empty and counterproductive their "values" rhetoric really is to all of us, 'rosexual or 'mosexual.

Here, check this out. This is a screenshot from Focus on the Family's CitizenLink news site:


The story highlighted on the left is about Florida's antiquated ban on same-sex adoption, which a Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge has determined to be unconstitutional. Needless to say, this gay-postive ruling doesn't make the gay-negative FOF happy. In fact, the organization's John Stemberger refers to decision as "classic judicial activism."

Now check out the video that FOF features to the direct right of the FL adoption story:

Okay, so the whole thing is about supporting foster kids and, ultimately, finding them a permanent home. It also touts FOF's new adoption campaign, which aims to reduce the huge number of foster children who could use a loving home. But you know one way of doing that? One MAJOR way of doing that? STOP PREVENTING LOVING, QUALIFIED, NURTURING, FINANCED, STABLE, INTELLIGENT, CREATIVE, DECENT GAY COUPLES FROM ADOPTION! If groups like FOF would step down from their self-appointed roles as heads of the morality police, we could greatly reduce the number of foster children. But instead, they fight to ban us in any state that will still give credence to their outdated Anita Bryant-like rhetoric.

The "pro-fams" couch their anti-adoption rhetoric in ideas like "child protection," and they often accuse potential same-sex parents as thinking only of their own interests rather than those of the children. But what could be more self-involved and self-absorbed than saying that your own personal faith and values system should decide public policy for an entire nation?! Within these hundreds of thousands of children who need homes, there are kids from all walks of life. Some of them even gay, But just like the only kinds of parents who matter to FOF are those who have both a penis and a vagina, the only kinds of children who they want to see fostered are the kinds who will foster heterosexist/homophobic bias. How gross.


Florida Judge Rules against Gay Adoption Ban [FOF CitzenLink]

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Your thoughts

I always find it interesting, this adoption issue.

They always toss out things like "Gay Marriage denies children a mother or a father by design!!!"

-- As opposed to denying them both a mother AND a father by letting them rot in an orphanage? There are simply not enough straight people willing and able to step up to the plate.

With adopted kids the choice is never "gay family or straight family?" it's more like "a family (gay or straight) or NO FAMILY?" Denying gays the ability to adopt has a double wammy attack on children - it undermines families where one partner has kids by not letting the other partner adopt those kids(another reason why marriage bans hurt families) but it also decreased the pool of adoptive parents thereby leaving more kids with no family whatsoever.

How on earth is any of this "Pro-Family"?

Posted by: Jason D | Dec 2, 2008 11:05:31 PM

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