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Group to Jack Black: Apologize for finding our bias comically enraging!

by Jeremy Hooper

Reacting to the Prop 8 Musical video that has gone completely viral in the past day, Dr. Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission has this to say:

200812041816"Jack Black should remember from his days at Hebrew School that homosexual acts aren't funny and are roundly condemned in the Bible," said Dr. Gary Cass, of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission. "Appearing as a sarcastic, rotund Christ, Black distorts the Bible and condones shameful, homosexual acts. Associating Christ with perverse activity is an affront to all people of faith, especially Christians. Apparently Black and company find it hilarious to falsely accuse Christians while they intentionally distort the Bible. Black ought to apologize."

We're now going to take the liberty of speaking for Jack Black and address the one part of this he's likely to care about:

"Rotund?! Way harsh, Gary!"

Jack Black and Hollywood Stars Defame Christ and the Bible; Apology Demanded [Christian Newswire]

**EARLIER: Here's the video if you haven't seen it: Prop Misérables [G-A-Y]

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Your thoughts

Oh, you poor little things. Did mean little Jackie make you feel bad? That's not nice to make you think about what you're doing!

Seriously, I've never heard a good explanation as to why Christ never mentioned homosexuality. Did he forget? That can't be it, because Jesus is God, right? He certainly didn't forget to mention divorce. Most of those holier than thous have little or no objections to divorce. Jack's right, they pick and choose. They have to have someone to hate in order to keep their followers in line, and we're the minority du jour.

Posted by: Mike in the Tundra | Dec 4, 2008 6:56:34 PM

Heck, those were just pillows? Right? Looked like it..
PS Talk about 'viral' just checked, 1,472,000+ views!!!

But still like this one better! ... as a 'real' ad-type.

Posted by: LOrion | Dec 4, 2008 7:01:02 PM

The funniest thing about that is that they placed a link to the video in their article, so anyone who reads the article is going to go there and view it. And, I have to add, will at least see the other side of the discussion.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Dec 4, 2008 7:11:39 PM

Isn't it a fact that Jesus was quite svelte?

Posted by: john ozed | Dec 4, 2008 8:14:12 PM

I loved Blacks portrayal of Christ. He's spot on too, the shrimp cocktail bit was priceless.

I called the organization and told them to tell Cass to STFU, that what Black said was direct from the Bible.

Posted by: Tony P | Dec 4, 2008 8:46:38 PM

Oh heavens - did somebody hurt the Chwistians wittle feewings again???

. . . and Dr. (C)ass should STFU because he obviously doesn't know anything about Hebrew school. You're there to learn (memorize) Hebrew and prepare for your bar/bat mitvah, not study the "Bible"'s "teachings" on homosex.

Posted by: Marc | Dec 4, 2008 8:53:32 PM

I consider myself a conservative Christian, and the video is hilarious. It's in NO WAY an 'affront' to my faith. What IS an affront to my faith though is all the LIES that professing Christians on the 'yes on prop 8' side spewed during the campaign. Last time I checked, liars go to hell (Revelation 21:8). Funny how they don't care much about that part of that verse....

Posted by: Rhea | Dec 4, 2008 10:24:58 PM

The Californian Supreme Court struck down a state statue ?
Why do they hate our sculptors ?

Posted by: SpellingFundamentalist | Dec 5, 2008 7:46:00 AM

LOL! I didn't even catch that. SF.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Dec 5, 2008 8:08:06 AM

You can call Dr. Cass and ask him to apologize to YOU for the centuries of hate crimes against LGBT people committed in the name of God. His cell phone number is 954-551-9770.

Posted by: Allan | Dec 6, 2008 12:18:40 AM

That subtle "Hebrew School" jab was pretty interesting, especially coming from an anti-defamation league.

Posted by: AG | Dec 8, 2008 3:13:43 PM

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