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Much better than IKnowAllINeedToKnowAboutYourSinfulWays.net

by Jeremy Hooper

Because of the Rick Warren fiasco, we've kept the following story on the back burner. But then it occurred to us: It is BECAUSE of things like the Warren fiasco that this new campaign is so needed!

The campaign? A new group working under the name GetToKnowMeFirst.org is filming five 30-second commercials to run throughout Inauguration Week. The ads? They will feature the faces and stories of real LGBT-headed families telling why marriage equality is so crucially important to them. To us. To America. To the Barney's wedding registry department.

Okay, maybe the last one is our own selfish materialism rearing its label-loving head; but the rest of them are real, heartfelt, and powerful. Go check out the campaign website to learn more, and maybe even give this much-needed new endeavor a few shekels:

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Your thoughts

This sounds like a great idea. Just donated!

Posted by: Adrian Molina | Dec 18, 2008 3:38:17 PM

Glad to see someone has taken this idea to the airwaves. I figured it would happen. I've posted links to it on my facebook page and have sent out the required email to all my No on 8 friends, and I plan to make a donation, too.

Posted by: Chris | Dec 18, 2008 4:10:43 PM

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