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NH: Splaine-in' the difference between civil unions and marriage

by Jeremy Hooper

6198Separate is one thing. Fully equal is another. Which is precisely why Democratic State Rep. Jim Splaine has submitted a bill asking the state of New Hampsphire to bump up their currently-in-place civil unions system to full marriage equality:

"The bill would essentially provide for full marriage equality," Splaine said. "I submitted the bill because I think it's important that we keep this dialogue going."

Splaine said the bill will be presented on Jan. 7 along with the other bills introduced for the session. He said then it will be scheduled for a public hearing or sent to a committee.

Splaine pushes for gay marriage in N.H. House [SeacoastOnline.com]

At the same time, a Republican lawmaker by the name of David Hess is proposing legislation that would use religious-based reasoning to deny marry equality and prevent New Hampshire from recognizing gay marriages performed in other states as civil unions. So while the Hampshire may be New, it's clear that the state's 2009 "culture war" debate will remain the same ol' should-be, could-be non-debate between church and state that has kept this issue muddied for far too long. How boring.

Keep your wedding ring-unadorned fingers crossed, both for (a) the Splaine bill and (b) the ability of the state's residents to wake up and realize that we should only be debating the matter of civil marriage on the basis of civil law!

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Posted by: dave | Dec 29, 2008 10:59:50 AM

Jim Splaine is our resident nutcase NH legislator and this is just SICK.

No one should use their sexuality to try to get MORE MONEY out of the taxpayers, via more government laws. It's robbery. Do what you want to do and no one will bother you but don't try to force us to pay for it!!!!!!!!!!

No decent gay in their right mind would do this. This is just stealing.
Next thing you know, we'll have people who have sex with dogs asking that they should be protected under the law... LOL What a sick joke.

Posted by: Splaine is an idiot | Dec 29, 2008 1:01:40 PM

Oh, you mean like all those straight people who use their heterosexuality to get marriage rights?

Posted by: G-A-Y | Dec 29, 2008 1:14:31 PM

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