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Supporting marriage equality? Caroline's inclined!

by Jeremy Hooper
Does she have enough experience?

Is her name recognition trumping her qualifications?

When taking an international flight out of NYC, does she tell the cabbie to drive her to Dad International Airport?

Will she give Kristen Wiig suitable fodder for a crowd-pleasing impersonation?

Here in New York, folks are asking lots of questions about Caroline Kennedy, the woman most likely to take Hillary Clinton's soon-to-be-vacant senate seat. But Empire State gays have already received a nice answer to one key question:

Picture 17-49QUESTION 2: Same-sex marriage. Do you support the right of gay and lesbian couples to marry? Do you think it's appropriate that Rick Warren, who campaigned to ban gay marriage, is delivering the invocation at Obama's inauguration? If not, have you expressed that to the president-elect?

ANSWER: "Caroline supports full equality and marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples."
Kennedy comes out for gay marriage [Politico]

A positive development that separates C-Ken from both Clinton and NY senior senator Chuck Schumer, neither of whom have been willing to stand up for their LGBT constituents and back this basic right. Though it does put her right in step with her uncle Ted, who's been among the few national Democrats to realize that utilizing your spine in order to take a principled stand for equality is actually a nice thing to do. Imagine that.

Ultimately Governor Paterson will play the judge and jury in determining who gets to fill Hillary's pantsuits, and obviously this one answer shouldn't make Caroline a shoo-in in anyone's eyes. But if it's not Ms. Kennedy who ends up getting the nod, here's hoping the D.C.-bound New Yorker who does earn the appointment will share her willingness to protect the kin-o'-gays.

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