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The sanctity of marrying gay rights with Osama Bin Laden

by Jeremy Hooper

Earlier today, we pointed you to yet another instance of onetime singer Pat Boone crooning his favorite tune of recent: The one in which he compares gays to "jihadists" and "terrorists." And while that mention was kooky yet mostly silly-seeming, the folks at GLAAD have just sent us another blip from this rapidly growing "gay marriage = radical suicide bomber" meme that should raise a few more alarm bells in this collective experiment that we call humanity. Why? Well, because this time the person who's making the frighteningly off-base link is not a former entertainer who has eschewed the Branson circuit for the Dobson one. No, no -- this time it's the founder and chairman of one of this nation's largest religious non-profits!

Yes, that's right -- On this morning's edition of KPFA's "Morning Show," Seamus Hasson, founder and chairman of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, quite literally compared Prop 8 protestors to Al Qaeda. No, we're not joking:

"SH: Well, whether it’s an organized movement like Al Qaeda or whether it’s the Al Qaeda-like, um, inspired acts of terrorism elsewhere, people are right to be concerned about, um, radical Islamist violence-"

200812092043Pretty extreme, yes? And remember: This is the same Becket Fund that is taking out full page NY Times ads with the sole purpose of protecting majority tyranny from coming under reasoned scrutiny. The same Becket Fund that is accusing the anti-Prop 8 community of engaging in nastiness has a founder and chairman who thinks it's perfectly appropriate to go on radio shows and link a group's choice to stand up for minority rights with another group's choice to bring down the World Trade Center!

Go check out the GLAAD Blog for more details/context. That is, of course, if you can make yourself to the link without having to stop to first plot a jihad:

Founder of Becket Fund Compares Prop. 8 Outcry to Al-Qaeda [GLAAD Blog]

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Your thoughts

Nothing that those people do shocks me any more! Their compulsion is to hate, and they have zero qualms with using any tactic to ensure that they get as many people as they can to hate us. And, obviously, at the same time, they attempt to paint themselves as the humble, hapless, maligned victims. Hasson should be ashamed of himself, but I seriously doubt that shame is weakness that he suffers from.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Dec 9, 2008 10:14:11 PM

These guys must be called out on the carpet on this. It is absolutely unacceptable. It's time that the media was contacted and that these kinds of remarks be exposed for what they are, outrageous anti-gay Evangelical propaganda created to terrify and create more division and hate for God's GLBT children.

Posted by: Benjamin Clark | Dec 9, 2008 11:03:56 PM

It must be easy for them to do as they are just dragging out the good old interracial marriage boogy men Communists... ...and changing the wording to the current topic and villain. That could be a fun game to play...lets see for Anti-sufferage it would be the Spanish Empire. for the Anti-Slavery movement, the Confederates...and for the Western Pioneer, the Indians...for the Revolutionsist the Tories...
As I recall it goes back and back and back...to Adam and Eve right? Aha..I knew it had something to do with religion.

Posted by: LOrion | Dec 9, 2008 11:29:28 PM

The alleged defacement of 10 churches is nothing compared to turning millions of people into second-class citizens.

Posted by: Johnny M | Dec 10, 2008 5:55:17 AM

I have to say I find all these wild accusations rather comforting. It's the most obvious sign so far that they're losing, they know it and they're desperate.

The most delicious irony of the entire situation (fortunately lost on them) is that the bigger the lies they tell the less likely the undecideds are to take them seriously. They're doing half our job for us!

Posted by: tavdy79 | Dec 10, 2008 7:40:02 AM

Won't be long now before they compare us to Hitler. Again.

Posted by: RainbowPhoenix | Dec 10, 2008 2:26:54 PM

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