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Turning anti-gay lemons into 'gays are not demons!'-ade

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 18-38In an attempt to harness the energy that's gone into the Rick Warren Fiasco and repurpose it for the equality cause, the Human Rights Campaign has laid out a "Blueprint for Positive Change" to which they are calling on the incoming Obama administration to commit. HRC's 5-point plan:

*Issue an Executive Order within the first 100 days that reaffirms protections for federal workers based on sexual orientation and expands them to also include gender identity;

*Work with Congress to sign Hate Crimes legislation into law within 6 months;

*Support only a fully inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA);

*In the first 100 days develop a plan to begin the process of eliminating the failed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy; and

*Work with Congress to end unequal tax treatment of domestic partnerships benefits.

All good goals. Yins that should not have to come with a "gays should not exist in active form"/ "gay couples are like polygamous, incestuous, paedophilic ones" yang. But hey, it seems the Democratic party's most expendable community still can't be choosers!

If you'd like to sign on to this blueprint, click-a da link:

Call on President-elect Obama to Restore Our Trust and take Real Action on Equality! [HRC]

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Your thoughts

This is good. Turn this unfortunate decision to our advantage.

Posted by: RainbowPhoenix | Dec 19, 2008 4:40:13 PM

Am I the only one befuddled that there is no mention of marriage equality in the five point plan. Have we all just accepted the fact that we'll just have to roll over and wait for Obama's last year before we can ask about that?

They could have combined points 1 and 3 into a broader point about employment protection and ENDA, and spared the last point for marriage equality.

Or are we not supposed to hope anymore?

Posted by: Marcelo | Dec 19, 2008 4:50:18 PM

You know, I certainly am not privy to the discussions among the innermost circles that plot political campaigns, so I can only speak to what I (myself) might do in order to achieve certain political gains. And, maybe I over-think things, or see things through off-tinted of glasses, but if I wanted to push for gains for the gay community, I would certainly think about following some of these steps:

1. Toss the opposition a meaningless "bone" that is sure to cause controversy and a loud outcry from the gay community.
2. Let the gay community scream very loudly so that the mainstream media picks up on it and report it widely.
3. Let the lying liars on the other side crow about the magnanimous gesture as loudly as they want.
4. Ignore the gay community and their cries of betrayal, and chalk it up to the inclusion of people with differing opinions for the good that comes from unity-building exercises.
5. On the heals of the controversy introduce the first in a series of monumental legislative actions to finally end the centuries long discrimination against the LGBT community.

I'm just sayin', if it were up to me, I would be inclined to implement some plan of action similar to that. Would it work? You never know until you try, and it may be a craps shoot. Is it worth a try? Maybe. (I had to struggle really hard not to channel my inner Palin there and say "You Betcha!" Awe FUCK!)

Posted by: Dick Mills | Dec 19, 2008 5:10:44 PM

Marcelo: A federal marriage equality bill is simply not realistic. It just isn't. We are working on the state-levels through the courts and the legislatures. But before we can even think of the federal there are several crucials that must be accomplished.

Now, a mention of DOMA would have been a more realistic possibility

Posted by: G-A-Y | Dec 19, 2008 5:10:45 PM

SORRY ALL this is NOT News...Here is the Announcement of the BLUEPRINT...in JoeS's letter of DECEMBER 12!!!

This week, I attended a meeting between LGBT community leaders and President-elect Barack Obama's transition team. During the meeting, we had a fruitful discussion that focused on a number of key issues of concern to our community and how they will be handled by the incoming Administration.

In conjunction with that meeting, HRC submitted a list of recommendations a new administration can pursue to improve federal policies that affect the LGBT community. HRC undertook an exhaustive survey of federal laws, policies and agencies and identified several key areas where the president has the authority to alter policies for the better. Through executive orders, letter rulings and rule-making proceedings, the president and executive branch can roll back eight years of bad policy as well as break new ground for equal rights. To read the document, visit www.hrc.org/blueprintforchange.

Working with the incoming Administration and the ability to have a voice in the process on behalf of the LGBT community is exciting and HRC is using these opportunities to make positive change.

SO They got this great big meeting with theTRANSTEAM...and then they and we and all our families, friends, childrens, parents, cousins, coworkers...got SLAMMED in the face with the HATE of Rick Warren...and it will happen AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN....cuz
TROY is so right Obama just doesn't get it!!!

Posted by: LOrion | Dec 19, 2008 7:17:57 PM

LOrion: HRC is actively trying to tie this in with the Warren thing. So that's why this is news (even if it was originally disseminated a week ago).

Posted by: G-A-Y | Dec 19, 2008 7:20:13 PM

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