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Video: The more he talks, the more he offends

by Jeremy Hooper

Rick has made some new videos. And surprise, surprise -- "blame the media" is among his new games:

UN-REAL! In living video, he both compared homosexuality to pedophilia/incest/polygamy and said that gays should not act on their "desires," and yet he's trying to chalk this controversy up to media bias?!? NU-UH! He said what he said, quite willingly...

But now, post-controversy, he is sugar coating his views (and scrubbing Saddleback's site) so that he, like so many evangelicals before him, can wash his hands clean of these affronts. And once again, the gay community is being presented as wrong, militant, and unfair for standing up against this crap. It's a tale that dates back to the dinosaurs (that Rick thinks walked the Earth with man).

Oh, and bloggers need to "get a life"? And we are "hiding"? What an easy, intellectually dishonest target, Rickie. And, true to form, another offensive sweeping generalization about a large swath of human beings! But here's the thing: We're not hiding. We're not life-deprived. We are daring to stand up against your attempts to deny us of our lives. We in the gay community, in particular, are putting our lives on hold to fight this needless battle that you are FORCING US TO FIGHT! Why? Because we DO love our lives and we refuse to hide them for anyone! HOW DARE YOU trivialize the pain you have caused?!?!?

What Rick Warren should be offering the LGBT community is an apology. That would be a step in the right direction. But instead he is, in the most self-serving of fashions, spinning convenient lines in order to cover his own booty. It's not going to work on us.

**UPDATE: Oh, and visiting a gay book store is not enough, Rick.

**UPDATE: It gets even worse. He has classified our reasoned, principled scrutiny as "hate speech," "attacks," and "Christophobia." He also refers to our side as "evil" and the side of "hate" (as opposed to his side of "good" and "love"):

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Your thoughts

Isn't lying against Christianity?! If he wasn't a Christian pastor, he'd be a car salesman.

Posted by: GT | Dec 23, 2008 11:46:40 AM

What an asshole. He's like Bush and Cheney, denying what they had said even though it's been recorded on tape. He should be watched carefully, he's a dangerous and desperate man.

Posted by: John Ozed | Dec 23, 2008 11:46:50 AM

Talks nice to celebrities like Melissa Etheridge, but he's not above calling us ordinary powerless people "evil" when we can't get on board with the whole gay-hating thing. Mmm-hmm.

Posted by: Celia the lurker | Dec 23, 2008 12:35:32 PM

He is so not making things better for himself. He was on solid ground when he was between modestly silent and channeling "we are the world." the fact that he is going on "attack" shows that the lgbt community has gotten to him for his lies.

Posted by: a. mcewen | Dec 23, 2008 12:35:39 PM

Dear God,

If you exist, please come and pick up all the trash you left behind. The sooner the better. The stench coming from it is overwhelming.

Thanks in advance,
The Loyal Opposition

Posted by: EvilPoet | Dec 23, 2008 12:56:20 PM

The reason is, Jeremy, that the gay community has a track record of rather remarkable inconsistency in this regard.

Example 1: The gay community claims that marriage bans are evil and homophobic, but then claim that politicians who support them are "pro-gay" and "gay-supportive".



In short, Jeremy, if gay marriage bans cause so much "pain" to gay people, why is the gay community consistently endorsing and supporting politicians who endorse and support them?

Example 2: The gay community insists in public testimony that sex with people seventeen years their junior is "common" and that dressing up toddlers as sexual slaves and taking them to events to "show off" is an "educational experience" that only "close-minded" people oppose, but whine when other people like Warren call them on it.



Example 3: The gay community publicly states that monogamy is not "practical" and that gay men are "pigs" who cannot be expected to limit themselves to one sexual partner, but then whines when other people like Warren call them on it.



Example 4: The gay community publicly calls for parent-child marriage, sibling marriage, and marriage for "households with more than one conjugal partner", and allies itself with groups like the ACLU that themselves insist bans on plural marriage are unconstitutional and that NAMBLA publications outlining specifically how to sexually coerce children, rape them, and then avoid prosecution for it are defensible....but then whines when people like Rick Warren call them on it.



Example 5: The fact that Rick Warren is being attacked and people like these are not.


Closely related is the obvious fact that gay and lesbian liberals picket and protest churches based on political affiliation and skin color, not on actions.

In short, what we see here is that the gay community is stating, openly and in public, that they support sexualization of children, that they oppose monogamy and think it impractical for gay men, that they support incestuous, sibling, and plural marriage, and that they are perfectly fine with endorsing and supporting gay marriage bans, as well as calling gays "filthy" -- with not a word of condemnation from gay liberals like yourself who are now suddenly in a snit over Rick Warren.

That makes it transparently obvious that your problems are not with what Rick Warren says; it's with who he is, his religious faith, and how he votes. You are perfectly fine with people saying everything he does as long as they're a) gay and b) consistent Democrat voters.

Hence, you get called out, and hence, things like Proposition 8 pass.

Posted by: North Dallas Thirty | Dec 23, 2008 12:56:44 PM

ALL: Please just ignore North Dallas Thirty. As policy, I don't want to ban him/her. However, engaging his/her narrow presentations is completely fruitless. This thread will only get hijacked and misdirected.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Dec 23, 2008 12:59:54 PM

I'm not surprised, Jeremy; as we can see, you ignore quite a bit from other gay people.

But what you're not getting is that no one believes you care one whit about people saying that gays cannot be monogamous when you refuse to confront your fellow gays who say it. No one believes you don't support plural marriage when you refuse to confront your fellow gays and liberal organizations that support and demand it. No one believes you don't support pedophilia and sexualization of children when you refuse to confront your fellow gays who promote and practice it.

Instead of ignoring these things, why not confront them directly? Why do you have so much trouble with saying gays like Dan Savage who promote promiscuity are wrong? What makes it so difficult to say that gays who take children dressed as sexual slaves to sex fairs to "show off" for an "educational experience" are wrong, and that it is not in the least "close-minded" to oppose them doing so? Why do you endorse and support Hilary Rosen instead of blasting her for endorsing and supporting gay marriage ban supporters?

My opinion: Because you know full well what happens to gays that dare to criticize people like Savage and Rosen -- and, having participated in their scalpings yourself, you have no desire to be their next victim.

Posted by: North Dallas Thirty | Dec 23, 2008 1:28:15 PM

Alvin: Exactly! Have you seen his latest? The tour of a gay book store?

Posted by: G-A-Y | Dec 23, 2008 1:29:51 PM

North Dallas Thirty: please replace "gay" with "Christian" and/or "heterosexual" and/or "conservative" in your last entry, and you have an equal portrayal of what many heterosexuals, Christians, and conservatives do and support. Polygamy, pedophilia, promiscuity, sexual slavery, and sex fairs are not the sole province of homosexuals. If you find such matters repugnant and repulsive, expand your message to include all those involved. Your narrow argument only highlights your prejudice and homophobia.

Posted by: latebrosus | Dec 23, 2008 1:58:17 PM

"North Dallas Thirty: please replace "gay" with "Christian" and/or "heterosexual" and/or "conservative" in your last entry, and you have an equal portrayal of what many heterosexuals, Christians, and conservatives do and support."

You did read the statement of Rick Warren's over which all of you are getting so excited, right?

"No, and the reason why is because we all have biological predispositions. I’m naturally incline to have sex with every beautiful woman I see. But that doesn’t mean its the right thing to do."

That makes it more than obvious that he doesn't support heterosexual promiscuity. Furthermore, one look at the Focus on the Family website will make it pretty clear that they are adamantly opposed to polygamy, pedophilia, promiscuity, sexual slavery, and sex fairs, regardless of who's doing it.

They have no trouble condemning heterosexuals who misbehave. Why is it so difficult for gay and lesbian people to condemn and repudiate gay people who do?

Tell me: what is it in the gay community that makes it impossible for them to say that gay couples who dress up their children as sexual slaves and take them out to "show off" and insist that doing so is an "educational experience" are not only wrong, but sick, disgusting, and perverted?

My opinion: Because it is a worse thing in the gay community to be called "close minded" than it is to sexualize a toddler.

Posted by: North Dallas Thirty | Dec 23, 2008 3:33:42 PM

Since North Dallas Thirty has been to every Gays 'R Us Meeting for the past 20 years, he would be so kind as to email me the address of Gay HQ so I may influence their votes on issues such as teaching children S&M and deciding that all gays will hereafter be sluts?

I mean fuck, the people over at Straight HQ have done amazing things such as passing Addendum 79932.11 Alpha to their constitution, which barred heterosexuals from being pedophiles forever and ever. Also, that new ruling wherein straight people don't cheat on their spouses, have extramarital affairs, attend swingers parties, indulge in leather fetishes and the "barely legal", or shoot and distribute child pornography is grand.

Posted by: chris | Dec 23, 2008 3:53:56 PM

"Since North Dallas Thirty has been to every Gays 'R Us Meeting for the past 20 years, he would be so kind as to email me the address of Gay HQ so I may influence their votes on issues such as teaching children S&M and deciding that all gays will hereafter be sluts?"

You don't need their email address. You just need to speak up yourself instead of waiting for your gay leaders to tell you that it's better to sexualize toddlers than to be thought of as "close minded".

"I mean fuck, the people over at Straight HQ have done amazing things such as passing Addendum 79932.11 Alpha to their constitution, which barred heterosexuals from being pedophiles forever and ever."

LOL......so your only argument for supporting and endorsing pedophilia among gays is to whine that "straights do it too"?

Notice the difference, though; straight pedophiles go to jail, while gay pedophiles get to parade the children they're sexualizing through the streets to "show off", get to claim that their pedophilia is an "educational experience", and most importantly, get other gays to support their idea that opposing pedophilia is "close minded".

Posted by: North Dallas Thirty | Dec 24, 2008 7:08:11 AM

North Dallas Thirty: nowhere in the article on the Folsom Street Fair are the two fathers deemed pedophiles or accused of promoting pedophilia. That's YOUR interpretation, and not anyone else's. The article also features comments from Fair participants who question bringing children to the event, and the organizers recognize that it is an adult-oriented event.

This is not pedophilia; it's a case of problematic or bad parenting. And bad parenting, like many of the other things you have mentioned, is hardly the sole province of homosexuals. And sexualizing children? Ever heard of children's pageants and JonBenét Ramsey? You know it's not just gay parents who throw their children into such arenas.

I don't really understand what your purpose is by asking gays to condemn other gays, for us to own up to inconsistent statements. Do you think it somehow levels the playing the field, to admit that we can be as bigoted and intolerant as Rick Warren? Okay, I guess: but we are 8 people on this thread at this website, and Rick Warren is going to speak in front of 300 million people who comprise the U.S. of A. That's a pretty darn big stage for any bigoted or intolerant person to speak on.

Posted by: latebrosus | Dec 24, 2008 2:56:08 PM

It can't be stated enough: Please, please, please just ignore North Dallas Thirty. For those unfamiliar with NDT: He/she is a notorious (and, of course, anonymous) commenter who trolls LGBT sites starting flame wars with his uber-narrow views. From monitoring both our own site and the several others that he/she has targeted, I have determined that absolutely no good can come out of engaging him/her.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Dec 24, 2008 2:58:52 PM

Remove his crap then. He can start his own blog.

Posted by: ForTheLove | Dec 25, 2008 12:27:28 PM

LOL @ NDT. A failure is you.

Apparently, reading comprehension is beyond your pay-grade. Rather than using the context clue-gathering skills of a cognitive 6-year old, you mistook my post which questions the validity of sweeping generalizations and challenges your notion that somehow entire all-encompassing segments of the population are in some scheme to dress toddlers in harnesses for one in which I condone child abuse via its prominence (Oh, and it is prominent) amongst the heterosexuals of the world.

World's. Shittiest. Child. Protection. Advocate. Evar.

You're on a mission, and you know what that means. You need to call the people who manufacture Bratz if its the sharp increase in prostitots that worries you. While you're at it, might as well start a good old fashioned angry soccermom petition and forward it to Skinemax in the name of all that is godly.

All North Dallas Thirties need to stay away from kids.

Posted by: chris | Dec 28, 2008 12:10:52 AM

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