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Video: Warrin' with Warren -- Prominent lesbian not so fond of rick

by Jeremy Hooper

On Friday's show, Maddow took another stab at the Rick Warren fiasco. Check it out:

Oh, we have no doubt that the Obama administration will "weather this storm." But don't FOR A SECOND think that the gay community will forget getting struck with this unenlightened lightening!!

Maddow on Warren -12/19 [MSNBC]

**EARLIER: Video: We get hurt, we get pissed, we get mad-dow [G-A-Y]

**UPDATE: Surprise, surprise -- looks who's defending Rick Warren on Fox News:

The blind about gays leading the blind about gays. THAT is what's ridiculous, Huckster.

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Your thoughts

Oopsie...looks like Greta's facelift didn't get the mileage Fox was expecting out of it.

Sorry, aren't we allowed to be catty when people are walking on our rights?

No? Too bad.

Posted by: Sykler | Dec 21, 2008 4:07:55 PM

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