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Curtains for Prop 8: 'Ave. Q' comments on nasty measure's lifespan

by Jeremy Hooper

Up until recently, this was the finale number from the Broadway musical Avenue Q:

But of course earlier this week, the "for now" listed at the 2:03 mark was sent packing. So what is a good, creative, puppet-based musical to do? Well, they recently held a contest to replace the Bushian reference, and from the 2,000 worldwide entries that were generated, these are the four replacement words that the creative team has chosen to be sung, alternately, in the show:

"Prop 8"
"This show"
"Your mother-in-law"

Nice, right? The show will now be making an optimist, pro-gay commentary on that nasty little bit of Californian bias known as Prop 8. Tourists in need of education. Local New Yorkers who need to wise up about supporting marriage equality in their own state. The countless chorus boys who had planned a June wedding in San Francisco and are in need of vindication via reasoned applause. All will learn the truth: The Prop 8 is a temporary ill, not a terminal disease!

Of course the show is also going to make mention of the mortality of your mother-in-law, so some could argue that this will detract mothers from letting their gay sons marrying anyone. But hey, that's their problem. We say to remove Prop 8 and then let this nation's mother- and son-in-laws hash out the matter of the former's natural life span on their own time.

AVENUE Q Announces 4 'Possible' New Lyrics For 'Only for Now' Contest [Broadway World]

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Your thoughts

"This Show" Very funny!

Why not poke a little fun at the trouble of the economy and broadway at the same time?

Posted by: Evan | Jan 24, 2009 12:36:43 AM

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