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If not first, then GetToKnowUsAfterPressureFromGayActivists

by Jeremy Hooper

6A00D8341C503453Ef010536Eb2Efc970C-PiHere's a nice update to a situation that we told you about last week:

After a meeting with GLAAD and the marriage equality group GetToKnowUsFirst.org, Los Angeles station KABC-TV announces it will air a gay-inclusive ad it rejected airing on inauguration day. Gay families are part of the KABC family and this is not an issue that is controversial, says KABC President and General Manager.

Los Angeles television station KABC announced today, following a meeting with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and the marriage equality group GetToKnowUsFirst.org, that it would begin to air an ad from GetToKnowUsFirst.org in primetime as early as Sunday, Jan. 25.

A nice development. It would've of course been nicer if we wouldn't have had to fight for benign displays of our lives and loves, with principled decision-making rather than the threat of bad PR leading the affiliate to do the right thing. But for now, we'll take the win.

Now if ABC could just do something about that damn "Izzie holds a weekly seance" plot line on "Grey's Anatomy." That story line is more annoying than the Cousin Oliver episodes of "The Brady Bunch," the Cindy Snow episodes of "Three's Company," and the Laverne without Shirley episodes of "L&S" all rolled into one!

**The "controversial" ad:

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