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Matt Barber: U.S. Global Stigmatization Coordinator

by Jeremy Hooper

Of all the nasty things that Matt Barber has said about us over the years, the comments that seem to give him the biggest "pro-family" hard-on are the ones that paint gays as diseased. We saw this is full effect during the time when MRSA was very much in America's headlines, with BarberBarber working overtime to blame that particular outbreak on the queer set. And we've of course also seen it with HIV/AIDS, a virus that Barber likes to present as the inherent product of homosexuality itself rather than what it is: Something that stems only from the outside introduction of disease.

Well, in comments made to One News Now, it's the AIDS game that Matt is playing. Of openly gay physician Mark Dybul, who served as U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator under Dubya and will continue to do under Obama, Barber has the following charming things to say:

"Here we have a man who is engaged in the lifestyle that is almost single-handedly responsible for the spread of AIDS in the United States of America, and he's an open homosexual. And the CDC [Centers for Disease Control] statistics show that still, overwhelmingly here in the U.S., men who have sex with men are highly susceptible to HIV/AIDS," ... "And here's this man unapologetically engaging in the behaviors that cause AIDS, as the AIDS czar. It just really turns logic and reason on its head."
Obama keeps AIDS czar Dybul [ONN]

Yes, because what could a gay man who has witnessed his friends die while "loving Christians" point fingers possibly know about shaping accurate, reasoned, helpful AIDS policy? Where is the logic and reason in that? Everyone knows that it'd be much better to have someone who blames the disease on "God's punishment against gays."

[::writer rolls eyes so thoroughly, he'd surely make a good candidate for U.S. Global Sarcastic Eye Gestures Coordinator::]

What next, Matt: Gonna campaign against female doctors helping shape opinions on urinary tract infections, considering that their "evil," "nasty," "disgusting" vaginal sex practices make them more susceptible to them? Or maybe you'd rather spend your time blaming rape victims for wearing certain kinds for clothing, rather than fighting the rapists that happen to plague society? Or perhaps there are some medical research laboratories in which you'd like to set off some stink bombs so that the scientific grownups can't do their work? Or wait, we know -- you're probably gonna campaign against soldiers who fight to keep their troops alive, since you certainly see no logic in a member of a certain community battling an enemy that has robbed far too many of his fellows of life!

Matt, we'll be waiting patiently to hear all the logic and reason that will surely continue to stem forth from you, the self-appointed U.S. Global Stigmatization Coordinator. But today we will just give thanks that we will no longer have a administration who we fear might actually listen to your narrow, society-weakening ideas!

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Your thoughts

Is this more proof that W "wasn't a proper conservative" (and that's why the Democrats won this time)? After all, no true conservative would hire/keep a gay man working for him in an AIDS coordinating capacity, right?

I may be expecting more logic than is actually available.

Posted by: Celia | Jan 20, 2009 10:41:29 AM

"And here's this man unapologetically engaging in the behaviors that cause AIDS..."

This moron suggests that a "behavior" causes AIDS, when in fact it is a virus which causes the AIDS! That hateful tinge associated with all of his remarks is why the minions listen to him. He offers to them a prop that helps to maintain their hate filled disgust of us; stoking that supremacist air of confidence.

And, he knows that! He knows that twisting a word or two (which could sound like an innocent mistake) is, in fact, a deliberate act to enrage hatred and fear. And, he knows that it works... we've all been witness to the fact that it works... and we are all worse off, more hated, more feared, and more despised as a result.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Jan 20, 2009 4:01:01 PM

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