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Guess it's time to become fiscally conservative

by Jeremy Hooper

Get out your hankies, gay progressives:

The Log Cabin Republicans, hampered by lackluster 2008 fundraising, is facing financial difficulties and ended the year at least $100,000 in debt, according to Patrick Sammon, the organization’s president, who spoke to the Blade Friday.
Sammon said the organization expected donations would be higher last year because of the presidential election.

“Really what we anticipated was that 2008 would be a better year fundraising-wise based on what we’ve seen in other presidential election years,” he said. “We just didn’t see the fundraising materialize the way that we expected.”

Log Cabin facing money woes [Wash Blade]

Our theory? Becoming outright fibbers who (a) deliberately misrepresented the GOP ticket's record and (b) bashed their own community didn't help matters for the organization! It certainly didn't help things with this website, which went from (pre-2008) seeing the group as a nice outfit with whom we simply had political disagreements to (post-2008) demanding that they remove any and all links to us whatsoever. We can't imagine we're the only ones who found the display off-putting!

Oh, and about our requested disconnection: Our link is still up on your blog, despite you telling us you would remove it. Please do so now, LCR.

**UPDATE: Link has been removed. Thanks, LCR.

**NOTE: Our unapologetic lack of respect for this current incarnation of LCR does not mean we have a problem with all of its current or former members. It just means that as we see it, the mother ship has been steered in a really unfortunate direction. We would imagine even some of its passengers are also less-than-pleased with the course.

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Your thoughts

I wonder how much of their funding actually comes from the LGBT community. I would think that the RNC would have a vested interest in keeping them in business. Though, the cost of supporting the, "we don't hate gays, just look at the log cabin homos, they get us" argument, might outweigh the benefit. The RNC has probably conceded that the larger LGBT community isn't drinking their Kool-Aid.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Jan 9, 2009 4:53:49 PM

Log Cabin needs to shut down their federal operation and work the states instead. Build a new generation of inclusive leaders so the next generation would be affirming to the LGBT community.

Posted by: Matt Munson | Jan 9, 2009 8:24:11 PM

Wow, this blog's nastiness is really a shame. So much for open-minded gay people.

Posted by: Anon | Jan 11, 2009 6:34:25 PM

This blog's nastiness, Anon? That's laughable. Here at G-A-Y, we do not resort to the nasty tactics or personal attacks. Ever. We challenge the messages and affronts that have been launched in this direction, be they from anti-gays or our fellow gay brethren.

This post is in reaction to an organization, LCR, who spent their time during the campaign being outright fallacious about McCain/Palin, presenting them as an "inclusive" ticket. Even after facts were brought to light, they would stick to the script about their ticket. They presented the ticket as "pro-gay" when there was so much evidence to the contrary, and they wouldn't give even the slightest credence to any other claims. And then, after all that, they launched one of the nastiest e-campaigns we have ever seen, using their own community to raise funds:


Up until that point, this site had been perfectly friendly with LCR. In fact, we respected them. When we disagreed, we challenged only the arguments, never gunning for the people or the party with which they identified. But that ship has sailed. Why? Because it's one thing to defend your party DESPITE its negatives (something gay Dems know about). It's quite another to misrepresent those negatives so that you can woo people to your side.

We still respect many of the individuals who have in the past identified or who currently do identify with the organization. However, as a group, this current incarnation of LCR has lost all respect from this site. It might be rebuilt over time -- but for now, too much duplicitous damage has been done.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jan 11, 2009 6:46:03 PM

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