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Video: Her show, feelings, and idenity are all 'Real'

by Jeremy Hooper

Later today we will see how "Dr. Phil" handles the gender identity discussion. And we've already been annoyed by Focus on the Family's pre-air video, in which they convey what they want viewers to take away from the transgender discussion. But now let's look at the other side. Let's look at an intelligent, well-adjusted transwoman who has overcome the unfortunately transphobic rhetoric of groups like FOF to come into her own.

In this video, GLAAD talks with Katelynn, a cast member on the new season of "The Real World":

Hey, that's a novel idea -- let a transperson speak for herself! Where's Katelynn's booking, Dr. P?

EXCLUSIVE - Interview With Katelynn From The Real World: Brooklyn [GLAADBlog]

**EARLIER: GLAAD chats with JD, an openly gay cast member, and Sarah, an unlabel-able cast member who has dated both men and women:

“Real World: Brooklyn” is MTV’s Most LGBT Inclusive Yet [GLAADBlog]

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