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You can take away our rights -- but the takeaway message will benefit us!

by Jeremy Hooper

Speaking about Prop 8 and the "pro-family" community's supposed "victory" in California, the anti-gay side's Ron Prentice asserts the following to Focus on the Family's CitizenLink:

"California’s vote in favor of traditional marriage should give the silent majority comfort that they do have a voice and can and should stand up for this precious institution in legislatures throughout the world"

We, proud speakers for the unwilling-to-remain-silent-while-our-rights-are-shat-upon minority, reply:

"The legislatures, Ron? Well that's pretty funny, considering you all have already lost on this issue in the California legislature. Twice, in fact. So how can you relate the Prop 8 "win" with any sort of legislative action, when it was instead a tyrannical usurping of the the judiciary that went against what the state legislature had already advised? The answer: You can't and you shouldn't.

No, no, Ron -- What the California vote
should highlight for the world is the need to protect vulnerable minority groups from cruel and oppressive 'public will.' And we would argue that is exactly what the Prop 8 post-vote-debate has done and will continue to do as the measure is challenged in court. That new light should comfort those of us who make up the loud and fed up minority, not those in the so-called 'silent majority'.

We would, however, agree that folks should stand up for this precious institution. But the obvious way to do that is to seek an expansion of this love-recognition, not an expansion of unfair, unreasonable bias!!"

New Year, new hope.

Good News: Family Advocates Tally 2008 Victories [CitizenLink]

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It is interesting to note, that now the Legislature, the Governor, the Supreme Court and the Attorney General have all spoken up in support of same-sex marriage. That is, the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of California have each (at least once) weighed in on our side. For the anti-gays, a legislative win in California is nothing but a pipe-dream.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Jan 2, 2009 11:03:03 PM

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