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FTM: Fighting Transgender Misconceptions

by Jeremy Hooper

Yesterday in Massachusetts, a transgender non-discrimination bill was introduced. This from a MassEquality press release:

Today, legislation to ban discrimination against transgender people in the Commonwealth was introduced with 104 original cosponsors, including majorities in the Senate and House. The bill adds gender identity and expression to non-discrimination laws covering employment, housing, credit, and public accommodations, as well as to hate crimes statutes.

“For too long, transgender people in Massachusetts have been fired from their jobs and evicted from their housing simply because of who they are,” said MassEquality Executive Director Marc Solomon. In passing this bill, Massachusetts will take another crucial step towards protecting all of her citizens from discrimination.”

Representatives Carl Sciortino (D-Medford) and Byron Rushing (D-Boston) are lead sponsors of the bill on the House side, with Senator Ben Downing (D-Pittsfield) in the lead in the Senate.

“The overwhelming support for the bill in the legislature, coupled with the support of Governor Deval Patrick and Attorney General Martha Coakley, provides strong momentum to passing the bill in 2009,” added Solomon.


Everyday in Massachusetts, certain people introduce new reasons why such a bill is needed. This from a MassReistance article:

The radical transgender agenda is proceeding quickly into the schools, now reaching the youngest of children. What was completely unthinkable just a few years ago is now being forced as mainstream by public officials. And as usual, no one cares how this affects the fragile psychology of children. Pushing the political ideology as fast as possible takes precedence over everything. (Well, actually GLBT activists know that this will affect little children profoundly.)

At the beginning of this school year parents at the Clara Barton Elementary School in Oxford, MA received a mind-numbing letter from the principal and Superintendent.

Written simply in an eerie informational style, the parents were told that one of the male custodians will now be coming to school dressed as a woman, and is now considered a "woman", and that parents should inform their children of this because the school intended to tell them if they asked about it. "The best thing to tell them is that our custodian used to be a man. She has changed her gender role and is now a woman," the letter said to parents. It's extremely Orwellian.
This is where the homosexual movement is taking your children. It's like a science fiction movie. And they tend to back it up with legislation. The upcoming "Transgender rights and hate crimes bill" (discussed below), which we warned people about, would make descriptions like ours constitute a "hate crime" in Massachusetts.

Transsexual janitor in MA elementary school [MR]

With a reasoned push, we'll transition the bill into a law (and certain Bills into Lisas). With outdated biases, we'll keep discrimination in our halls (and certain Bills in wrong bodies).

Do the right thing, Massachusetts. In general, that would be the opposite of whatever MassResistance (an SPLC-certified hate group) is doing.

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Your thoughts

".. received a mind-numbing letter .."

I suppose that it should be less surprising just how easy it is to numb the minds of the mindless!

Posted by: Dick Mills | Feb 12, 2009 10:33:29 AM

"Science fiction movie"? They do know that people have been getting necessary sex changes for decades, right? How is it new news?

Posted by: Dana | Feb 12, 2009 1:10:26 PM

Well to MassResistance, MILK is a sci-fi movie.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Feb 12, 2009 1:17:36 PM

This type of thing is what makes me both proud an ashamed of my state.
I'm proud we're pushing this forward.
I'm ashamed it hasn't been done sooner, and that people like MassResistance think this is perfectly ok.

Also, yes, we DO know it'll affect children greatly.
It'll teach them that it is ok to be diffrent, and to not fear should they be one of the ones that are.

However, I have not heard about that letter of that custodian yet. I shall have to look up on it.

Posted by: Clicky the Fox | Feb 12, 2009 9:20:59 PM

"Gender identity" does not exist and therefore does not need to be protected. Gender expression exists and should be protected, but gender is a fact not an identity. A woman is a woman even if she surgically/hormonally alters natural self. Those who assert otherwise perpetuate myths, stereotypes and discrimination against all "abnormal" gender expression.

Please, please, please Massachusetts do not include gender identity in any anti-discrimination bill. The very notion of gender identity promotes discrimination.

Please revise the bill to protect only Gender Expression - which would actually work to protect everyone (including those who consider themselves transgender) from discrimination.

Posted by: seriously. | Feb 19, 2009 11:10:28 AM

How dare you say that a woman is still a woman, wether or not she alters herself. It's people like you who should be put in a slauter house. No if a woman changes physically into a man, then she is no longer or ever a she again, but instead a he. What he is & always has been will will always be til' "HIS" death. It's what you are on the inside that truly matters, but to your statement, you're full of s**t. "awoman is always a woman no matter what. RRRRAAAAA!!!!!

Posted by: I'm more serious | May 6, 2009 3:47:45 PM

IMS: I understand being angry. But please, let's leave out the "you should be put in a slauter [sic] house" comments. They don't help.

Posted by: G-A-Y | May 6, 2009 3:56:34 PM

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