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Gay's move up career ladder sinks Pete to new lows

by Jeremy Hooper

Peter LaBarbera and his partner in unscrupulous demonization, Laurie Higgins, are once again proving that the "pro-family" fight is not really about marriage, faith, or "child protection." Instead, it is about much deeper, more insidious things like seeing that qualified people such as incoming Chicago schools chief Ron Huberman are disqualified from employment on the sole basis of their sexual orientations.

This from Pete:

Chicago Public Schools’ new CEO Ron Huberman.

Our friend Laurie Higgins at Illinois Family Institute has done an important thing below in rationally discussing the implications of new Chicago schools chief Ron Huberman’s public embrace homosexual conduct (politically correct media translation: he’s “gay”). By questioning Huberman as a role model because he “affirms sexual deviance and … in his personal life volitionally engages in immoral conduct,” Higgins has departed from the popular Newspeak (Gayspeak?) of our age that posits “gays” as a minority and homosexuality as an innocuous trait completely irrelevant to morality and character. This is embodied by the popular phrase that such-and-such person “happens to be gay.” Let’s apply our “substitute-another-sexual-sin” test to see if this makes sense: “Jane, who happens to be an adulterer, is a terrific teacher”; or “Joe, who happens to be into incest, is a really great guy.”

Just like those other destructive sexual sins, homosexual behavior is never morally justifiable.

It is one of the modern treacheries in our spiritually shallow society that even advocates of (traditional) marriage have taken behavior “out” of the debate over homosexuality. During the Prop 8 campaign in California, one spokeswoman FOR the pro-marriage ballot measure even went out of her way to affirm Ellen DeGeneres and “gay” couples in general. How absurd that we should have to promote one evil — the acceptance of homosexual behavior and relationships — in order to fight another: homosexually-redefined “marriage.”

We do not know what led Ron Huberman to choose to embrace homosexual behavior (and a “gay” self-identification), but morally-speaking, he is wrong to defend it and needs to find redemption and godly change through Jesus Christ. The “lifestyle” (read: sexual misbehavior) by which he describes himself — and which surely he will now promote as normative to impressionable Chicago students — is as immoral today as it was thousands of years ago when condemned by the God through the divinely-inspired writers of the Bible.

Homosexuality is about changeable, sinful and often unhealthy behaviors — not innocuous, inborn “identities.” When even the pro-family movement detaches homosexual conduct from the personal morality and integrity of those practicing it, we cripple our short- and long-term case against a GLBT agenda that will not show such deference and timidity in return as it escalates its attack on Christianity and the Bible as the foundation of our culture mores.

*Higgins' equally disturbing rant can be read at the following link, but it's basically just more of the same: Chicago Public Schools New CEO Ron Huberman Openly Embraces Homosexual Immorality [AFT]

"Homosexuality is changeable," gays are immoral, gayness is like sister-schtupping -- blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But looking past the tired rhetoric, 200902021812consider for a second what is going on here. Mr. Huberman is not someone who is been in some sort of a scandal. He has not been found to have done any sort of wrongdoing. He has not even found to be at some event, like the leather festivals, with which Pete has such a peculiar fascination. All Ron Huberman has done is come out, in the year 2009, as a gay man. And Pete and Laurie, by virtue of being self-identified members of the morality police, want him barred from career advancement because of it?!! It's nothing short of frightening.

You also have to wonder: Where do folks like Pete and Laurie actually think they are going with this nasty tone? Look back at his piece. He's not only mad at the mainstream media or gay activists -- he's also pissed at this own movement for being too respectful of gays like Ellen! Do they not realize that the public is leaving them behind, never to return? Do they not realize that the gravity of our fight is sweeping this bias down into the dustbin of history, not exalting it to any place of lasting value? Can they not read the writing that is so clearly on the wall?

Well we can see the writing, and we suspect that Mr. Huberman can as well. Thankfully we will now have him in a place of educational influence, guiding children of one of America's great cities towards a more tolerant day. Perhaps if we had made our career in fostering the opposite, we've be bitching about his mere existence too.

*Background on the thoroughly qualified Huberman: Ron Huberman: The mayor's man [Sun-Times]

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Your thoughts

I don't know how you were able to respond to this as I'm at a complete loss for words

Posted by: Alonzo | Feb 2, 2009 6:45:20 PM

Pete's writing in this "piece" is almost a stream of thought rant. It's amazing that any organization wants to align themselves with this man, or cite him as some sort of authority (although he does watch more gay porn than most gay men and apparently the really hard core stuff too). Then again, I think he ultimately will do more to help us gays because he is just so far out there that most people cannot relate to him?

Posted by: Craig | Feb 2, 2009 6:47:10 PM

I have a question...how does Pete 100% know that Mr. Huberman engages in "sinful misbehavior"? Not that gays SHOULD abstain, by any means...but how does he know what Mr. Huberman does in the bedroom? Maybe Mr. Huberman is a virgin (who knows?!). When a very attractive woman applies for such a position, does he assume then because she is an attractive heterosexual that she is having all sorts of crazy, illegitimate-in-the-eyes-of-god dirty "sinful mishaving" sex? And if she is in fact having said sex, is she ANY LESS QUALIFIED TO WORK!? Ahno. The answer is, ahno.

I wonder how Mr. Petey poo would feel asking a woman that question on an interview.

"Do you engage in premarital sex? Do you masturbate? Do you have anal sex? Do you give head? Do you have sex in positions other than missionary?"...I would love for him to do so and I would love to see a lady slap him. Can we set this up?

I hate people like Pete. They make "gay" all about sex. I know more gay guys in monogomous, happy relationships than I do straight men.

How long do we think 'til Pete comes out? I give him 'til 2012.

Posted by: Stef | Feb 2, 2009 7:35:12 PM

Sounds like Peter and Laurie have some sort of sordid (perhaps even incestuous) extramarital / adulterous verbal fuck-fest going on here! Just a warning to Laurie, USE PROTECTION! You never know what that Peter has been!

And, Huberman is pretty HOT!

Posted by: Dick Mills | Feb 2, 2009 8:25:46 PM

Wow, he is hot!

Posted by: Chad | Feb 2, 2009 9:13:14 PM

The most successful companies don't have time for LaBarera's hatreds. They need the smartest people to turn out the best product. Microsoft and the rest of the computer industry have put in non descrimination not out of high principle but from self interest. The schools also need the most qualified people. But if LaBarbera has his way, they'll get people stupid and immature enough to ignore science and cling to backwater ignorance.

Posted by: Wilberforce | Feb 3, 2009 10:50:13 AM

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