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ME: Scenes from an anti-marriage

by Jeremy Hooper

What does a post-Valentine's Day rejection of same-sex love look like? Well if thrown by the Maine Family Policy Council (the new name for the suddenly-more-mainstream, suddenly-more-Focus on the Family-affiliated Christian Civic League of Maine), that event looks something like this:

2009 Marriage Rally -- 2/15/2009 -- Augusta, ME
(photos from Michael Heath's Picasa photostream)

There are tables where choirs can obtain the sort of skewed anti-gay information that will speak directly to them (while shutting out all other info):

*Note the Citizen magazine on the first table. That's the same issue that exploits an Iowa family (with a minor child).
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Here's Tony Perkins either praying or doing a somewhat mean-spirited Stevie Wonder impression:

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No word if Tony is praying for the strength to blame lesbians even more fully for Nadya Suleman's octuplet birth. But whatever the prayer, he's got the crowd right in his "pro-family" pocket:

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Here's another shot of the crowd praying for our legal estrangement. Something tells us that these folks didn't rush home to catch "The L Word":

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"Is everyone sitting boy-girl, boy-girl? Okay, you may now hold hands":

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But it's not all serious pleas to God for gays' disparity. Here's a jovial moment:

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Because let's be honest -- what's funnier than using personal religious beliefs to futz with others' civil equality? "Saturday Night Live" has nothing on "Sunday Night Attempts to Control How Others Live Their Lives"

And finally, we have mingling participants in search of new and unique ways that they too can mar their state's legacy with unjust bias:

  Aodpr Gicyg Szkwolnj2Qi Aaaaaaaac20 Ukxsysn5Ot8 Dsc09059
: Hi Bill

Bill: Heya John

John: Some weather we're having, huh?

Bill: Yea, it's darn right nasty out. I tell ya, those gays ruin everything!

John: Oh, I know. Mother Nature was a nice girl until she chose the lesbian lifestyle.

Bill: Amen, brother. And don't get me started on that militant homosexual Father Time. I used to be a young man, and then he pushed his agenda to turn me into an aged adult!

John: Me too. I tell ya, Bill, we have GOT to take back our country!

Just another night in the anti-gay culture war.

2009 Marriage Rally [Picasa]

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Your thoughts

Sometimes I have to make an honest effort to remind myself that not everyone in this state is as narrow-minded as these people are. With any luck, they'll remain the minority.

Posted by: Baldran | Feb 16, 2009 11:42:23 AM

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