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Not Scott free: Reactions prompt Renfroe to apologize (but not really)

by Jeremy Hooper

Scott-RenfroeColorado state senator Scott Renfroe is sorry about the poorly worded faith-based comments that he issued on the floor of the state Capitol at the beginning of this week. But not sorry that he made them or that he sees it appropriate to foist his personal religious views into a civil matter, mind you. No, no -- he really just seems sorry that people didn't take kindly to his gay/murderer-likening words.

These excerpts from The Greeley Tribune:

State Sen. Scott Renfroe is apologizing for his choice of words during debate at the state Capitol on Monday that homosexuality is a sin akin to murder.
Renfroe said in an interview before a committee meeting Wednesday afternoon that he was sorry if his comments offended anyone but that he stood behind them.

“I apologize if my use of words did upset people, I guess,” said Renfroe, a member of Eaton’s Evangelical Free Church. “I probably could have been more eloquent.”
Renfroe also clarified his comments on homosexuality.

“It’s not any greater or any less (a sin),” Renfroe said. “It’s equal on a plane that all sins are sin.”

Renfroe also said he doesn’t think the Old Testament verses he quoted that say homosexuals will “surely be put to death” should be followed by people.

“Obviously I don’t condone that and wouldn’t support that,” Renfroe said.

Renfroe said the bill could clear the way for gay marriage, which voters came out against two years ago when they struck down a measure that would have allowed civil unions for homosexuals. Condoning homosexual behavior isn’t government’s job, he said.

“I don’t think that’s the proper role of government,” Renfroe said.
FULL: Renfroe sorry for anti-gay remarks [Greeley Tribune]

So he doesn't think it's the proper role of government to step in an shore up LGBT civil rights, but he absolutely think it's proper for government to use faith-based reasoning to tyrannically roll back minority civil rights. That's totally what the founding fathers had in mind [::eye roll, head shake, scream into pillow::]

Mr. Renfroe, we're sorry as well. Sorry that your interpretation of religious freedom doesn't allow for LGBT people to be free from the condemnations of your chosen personal faith.


*ALSO: Joe.My.God has more scary development from the CO state senate

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Your thoughts

Haven't we heard some variation of this apology several dozen times by now? At least?

Posted by: RainbowPhoenix | Feb 26, 2009 1:00:31 PM

Someone should remind Mr. AssFroe that his bible also suggests that using one's personal interpretation of the bible to condemn someone else gives god free reign to turn the tables and use that person's interpretation to judge him. That is, after all, what the admonition to "judge not lest ye be judged" means.

I happen to believe that it is the most egregious of offenses for someone as ineloquent as him to ever speak publicly. And, I am sure that I can find a scriptural passage to support me on that!

Posted by: Dick Mills | Feb 26, 2009 2:03:57 PM

So if all "sins" are equal in the eyes of god then that means lying is as bad as murder. Everybody lies (anybody who claims otherwise is lying). Let's start the prosecutions, beginning with the RRRW politicians.

Posted by: Buffy | Feb 26, 2009 11:33:22 PM

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