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Video: Equality stimulus package

by Jeremy Hooper

Suze Orman's financial expertise and no nonsense style can be intimidating. However, her decision to put stock in gay bonds is one investment we can unequivocally get behind:

Put your money where Suze's mouth is, America. The archival photos of our coming depression will look a lot less downbeat if discrimination's unhealthy pallor is not also shading the picture.

Suze Orman's Valentine Wish [YouTube]

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Your thoughts

....a great wish for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US...as she puts it...
(pun probably intended..but I just got it.)
Thanks JH, love to see something positive.

You know it was just about the very first time I had watched much of a Keith Olbermann show, when he gave that commentary... I was just speechless..
well not really I was applauding like mad and crying too..thinking YES YES..
finally someone gets it..who can spread it out over the airways!!

March 5 is closer every day.
STR8 Against H8

Posted by: LOrion | Feb 15, 2009 10:11:06 PM

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