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Video: Futility, thy name is anti-gay advocacy

by Jeremy Hooper

Ya know, in a way we almost feel sorry for folks like Mona. Here she is, clearly smart, clearly passionate. She puts on a power suit and dedicates her Colorado Springs days to learning the ins and outs of this particular issue, with a goal of staving off public acceptance for as long as possible. A career woman if not a pro-queer woman, Mona has carved out a niche for herself. She's someone who makes a living off the backs off the gay folks who simply want peace and love, a job she seems to enjoy. She probably even thinks, quite genuinely, that she's making a positive impact.

So why do we feel a little sorry for her? Well, because she doesn't seem to realize that her hard work is all for naught. Her flow charts, maps, data sets, projections -- they are all beholden to certain realities that will eventually render moot her every Focus on the Family anti-marriage equality workday. Changing opinions, overplayed hands, reduction in religious right influence, reasoned courts, current victories, overwhelming support from young people, the innate righteousness of equality, and a public that more full understands the issue of civil fairness: All of these and more have already guaranteed the LGBT community's success on this matter. It is our writing that is on the wall, not Mona's.

In this tough cash/credit/bailout-based economy, it's surely nice to have work. However, in the right/wrong-based economy that is civil rights history, it is never good to be on the wrong side of the coin.

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Your thoughts

Well, you have MY support, that's for sure, for what that's worth. I can't stand all this 'thou shalt not' shit that gets put around, why not just let others be, and be happy yourself, rather than go around harassing people all the time in the name of God? I'm sure God doesn't approve of that type of behaviour.
I'm also equally sure he doesn't much care (in a good way) about yours either! In fact, s/he probably is just plain old happy that people are prepared to love each other, no matter who you love. It's all so silly and arbitrary isn't it?

Poor woman. I feel sorry for her! Imagine how miserable her life must be, if that's all she does all day, knowing she's upsetting people by trying to make them wrong.

All you gay people go do the wickedest, sexiest sleasy thing you know how to do tonight, have some real fun, really get your mojo on, and toast Mona while doing it, I say.. ;-)

Posted by: Chandira | Feb 13, 2009 6:44:40 PM

Those people hear, eat, drink, breath in, then shit, piss and wallow in their lies to the point where they may believe them. To them going into Iraq to kiss a half million Muslims is totally okay, because they are evil, and GOD himself has commanded them. Feeling sorry for them as a whole is probably pretty close to the last thing the I, personally, would ever do. But individually, they are pathetic enough to garner some sympathy. That is, up until they begin spewing their vile brand of bile, and then they are just lying liars like the rest of them.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Feb 13, 2009 6:57:30 PM

...kill a half million Muslims... is what I meant. Freudian slip, I guess.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Feb 13, 2009 7:35:40 PM

"They are coming after your kids."

Disgusting as ever but it shows desperation. What the heck is the "15 year plan?"

Posted by: David Roberts | Feb 13, 2009 8:25:24 PM

Us gays merely telling our stories will make people see the humanity in us and these Focus On The Family people will lose power and influence as funds dry up for them. I will not stop telling my stories to my friends, relatives and coworkers until the day when groups like FOTF either goes bankrupt or stops fighting us and let us get our rights. I truly believe that the only way religious conservatives will ever change on this issue is for us gays to tell our stories to our friends and relatives and co-workers, even if they don't come completely around they will stop donating to groups like FOTF if they realize that they have been lied to their entire life.

Posted by: adam kautz | Feb 13, 2009 9:14:27 PM

Sure, they won't put this shit up on YouTube anymore because they were getting too many negative responses to it.

I posted a few replies on YouTube to Stewies bullshit.

Posted by: Tony P | Feb 13, 2009 10:23:48 PM

Well at least they make the videos embeddable now, Tony. A year ago they tried to have my YouTube account pulled because I posted snippets from a few of their vids for the purpose of commentary.

They were successful, temporarily, until I filed a counterclaim with YouTube and won.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Feb 13, 2009 11:27:01 PM

I really can't believe these people.

She's going farther right than most "defend the family" bullshitters in saying that, basically, not only should gay marriage not be allowed ("because it's going to corrupt the children"), but that gays shouldn't even be accepted by society. I really can't believe this. And, gays are targeting children? What the fuck kind of fear-mongering shit is this!?! These idiots would have a better chance passing their intolerance agenda if there wasn't proof that fifty percent of all marriages fail, and that the other fifty percent aren't exactly perfect environments. They have to remember: where did gay people come from? Straight people, obviously.

Posted by: 7 | Feb 14, 2009 3:57:01 PM

This financial crisis has a silver lining. The Evangelical Christian machine cannot operate without money. That means Focus on the Family is not only losing their culture war because of the reasons Jeremy so eloquently listed above; but they are losing financial support as well. What a major blessing that is for us.

I long for the day when James Dobson and his empire will crumble and become a thing of the past and buried in the dust of history.

Posted by: Benjamin | Feb 14, 2009 7:34:34 PM

1. Loved the slip Dick! That really is what we are doing! Rebuilding their whole country like we always do after a war.

2.Chandira ... OH I HOPE THEY DID!

3. JH really know how to keep those shots running.

BUT what I really wanted to say was, and this in a few posts on the Blend too,
isn't it about time we took back OUR FAMILIES! Our fight is about EQUAL FAMILIES
whether there is a marriage involved or not. Families of and with gay members
are GAY FAMILIES.. and they deserve all the very same rights as anyone else's
'family'. So this encompasses everything. Laws about WORK, INSURANCE, OWNERSHIP,
ADOPTION, MARRIAGE, ...everything.. It is a full CIVIL RIGHTS issue!

So from now on they can only Focus on a 'Family' if it is our family too!

Posted by: LOrion | Feb 15, 2009 10:27:04 PM

Yes I am infiltrating families and trying to break them apart thaaaaaaaat's me ^_^

I'm pretty sure I'm just trying to live an let live. I don't know what marriage would kill if I happened to get married to another man.

Posted by: zacktheman72 | Feb 19, 2009 12:14:24 AM

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