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A gay human was murdered? Ooh, I bet I can mine political capital outta that!

by Jeremy Hooper

Exploiting a human being's murder in order to say that all gay men are promiscuous, anonymous sex fans, and to further his pro-"ex-gay" cause? It's just another unsavory day in the professionally anti-gay career of Peter LaBarbera:

Folks, the greatest threat of violence to homosexual men comes from … other homosexual men. The stabbing murder of WABC reporter George Weber in New York is a terrible tragedy and yet it is instructive about the perils of promiscuous “gay” life. There is simply nothing that approaches the deviance of male homosexuality — especially at its sexual fringes — as other victims of gay-on-gay violence over the decades testify from the grave.
We don’t have all the details, but surely Mr. Weber — despite being a reporter — was unaware that he was meeting with a16-year-old satanist, John Katehis, who described himself on his MySpace page [
see it on Gawker.com HERE] as an “extremist, an anarchist and a sadomasochist.” One can only wonder how this mere boy came to identify himself as a “sadomasochist,” but the New York homosexual and “leather” subculture surely played a role. Evil ideas — like linking unnatural sex to violence and humiliation — have evil consequences.
Former Homosexual Comments on George Weber Sex-Murder by Young ‘Sadomasochist’ [AFT]


Were there lots of unfortunate decisions that led to Mr. Weber's murder? Without a doubt. But being gay was not one of them. Those of us who live in NYC know that there are all kinds of murders all the time, an unfortunate reality that speaks to the evils of humankind as a whole -- not the sweeping "evils" of any one group in particular. And it's beyond enraging for someone like Peter LaBarbera -- a man who finds teh gay disgusting even in its monogamous, two parent, white picket fence form -- to use this one grisly NYC murder to say that there's some sort of gay-on-gay murder epidemic, and that gays should "change" in order to survive! The actions led to this particular murder, not the orientations of the participants!

But don't worry, other "pro-family" evangelicals. Even though Pete's extreme ati-gay activism long ago killed the idea that he's a mere "compassionate Christian," we won't sweepingly use his one case of verbal homo-cide against all of you.

**SEE ALSO: Peter LaBarbera exploits Weber murder case [HB&HM]

**MORE PETER: A few weeks back, Pete made a huge stink because a Log Cabin Republican drew a Nazi comparison when addressing American For Truth's anti-gay work. At the time, Peter invoked the idea that "the first person in a debate to accuse his opponent of being a “Nazi” automatically loses the argument."

Well in a new post related to the Weber murder, Pete is "heartily recommending" that his followers "become regular readers of DL Foster’s important blog." A recommendation that is really quite interesting, considering this is the same DL Foster who, back in 2006, caused a huge "ex-gay" schism when he directly compared Wayne Besen to Adolf Hitler.

And of course DL's own Nazi-linking ways come along with the already-unearthed Nazi comparisons that we found to have been made by Peter and his allies.

Ah, hypocrisy.

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Your thoughts

How many dead bodies does this make, that Peter has exploited within this past year? Two for sure (the other one being the young male who died of HIV related disease a while back).

Oh well, what can you do?

Just like what can Peter LaBarbera do, when he finally kicks the bucket? Not only will I personally exploit his death, I'm going to be thrilled and CELEBRATE it! LOL And I know for sure I won't be the only one.

Posted by: Scott | Mar 27, 2009 12:54:00 PM

Peter is assuming that this young man identified as gay and there is no evidence of that at this point. He was a prostitute. His claim this is gay on gay violence is not backed up with any facts only Peter's assumption that both individuals were gay. We don't know that.

Posted by: Joe Brummer | Mar 27, 2009 12:59:37 PM

Reminds me of a South Park episode (and the anti-gay comments bring up the South Park mindset, it's really bad) whereby it was shown that the greatest risk to a child of child molestation is from somebody the child knows, including relatives / parents.
THAT is where the "greatest threat to gays is gays" mindset comes from, and an attempt to bash the "gay lifestyle" because of it.
So by that logic, people who raise kids are the kid's greatest threat, so the "family lifestyle" is "perilous"...

Posted by: foundit66 | Mar 27, 2009 1:10:55 PM

quote: "How many dead bodies does this make, that Peter has exploited within this past year?"
The difference between Peter and Fred Phelps being that Peter doesn't go to the funeral for his antics?

Posted by: foundit66 | Mar 27, 2009 1:48:56 PM

On his (now cancelled) MySpace page. He identified himself as straight.

Here's the cached version:

Posted by: ZenithNYC | Mar 27, 2009 6:48:27 PM

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