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Audio: 'Pro-family,' pro-truancy

by Jeremy Hooper

Laurie Higgins, a staff member of the SPLC-certified Illinois Family Institute, is totally against the "political action" she sees in the completely voluntary, student-led, thoroughly non-disruptive, pro-equality Day of Silence. So naturally, she wants you to protest that benign day by engaging in the completely disruptive, parent-led, anti-equality political action of pulling your child from school so as to not be exposed to the quiet gay supporters. And it's totally okay for you to ask this of your kids, because Laurie knows from her own past experience with daughter Emma that kids are really into having a free day off of school.

Listen to one mother's unfortunately misguided, harassment-excepting parental advice:

So basically, they want kids to counter a day that's designed to counter a real and demonstrable problem by completely turning a blind eye to the problem itself. Typical "pro-family" strategy: Embracing that tried tired and true untrue concept known as "stick your fingers in your ears, cover your eyes"-ism, and flipping the tables so that the harassed sounds like the harasser (and vice versa).

It's so transparent, Laurie.

Day of Silence Walk-Out is Just Around the Corner [CWA]

**ALSO: Listen to Laurie's recent appearance on something called "The Jody Hice Show," on which she and Hice demonized a gay-centric dance that was recently held among Chicago-area high schools. Of course they both made this dance sound like an unfair use of time, even though high schools host straight-focused dance and events all the time.

Oh, and Mr. Hice even goes so far as to call bullying and harassment "a healthy thing" (11:54):

*AUDIO SOURCE: The Jody Hice Show - Thursday, March 12, 2009 [Jody Hice]

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Your thoughts

Too bad they don't pull their children from the public schools for good!

Maybe parents of GLBT children, and all other non-busybody parents should pull their children from the school on the days when "Fellowship of Christian Athletes" has their weekly or monthly prayer around the flagpole, or wherever they hold their cult meetings.

Posted by: Scott | Mar 27, 2009 2:31:17 PM

I got six minutes into the first one and couldn't listen anymore.

I spent my adolescent years listening to this claptrap. I'm not "Transforming" moral views, I'm showing that there is more than one moral view. This BS gets older every year. I'd be happy if some of the kids I work with were silent, and I would be respectful the next day if there were kids who wanted to participate in the "day of 'truth", even though I disagree vehemently with it.

That said, if this woman is going to bring up examples she needs to verify them first, instead of discussing them as if she has done research she hasn't. It "should" take away from her argument. I put should in quotations because to many times I've seen people use this "evidence" as truth long after it has been disproved.

Posted by: Piper | Mar 27, 2009 3:18:49 PM

"I don't wanna make that student feel bad, so now I can't say that homosexuality is immoral." Um... Good. lol

Posted by: Eric | Mar 27, 2009 3:43:53 PM

The Gay Straight Alliance dance they're talking about was in Lincolnshire, Illinois in February. As for the use of school grounds and public money, so does the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. It's a school sanctioned club, and whether anybody likes that or not, they are allowed to use the building and limited resources just like every other club. The article she quoted from is gone, and I seem to be the only source left. (MWA HA HA HA HA)


Also, the curriculum from Elkhorn, WI is a FANTASTIC project from teacher Sarah Arnold. She allowed the detailed unit plan to be made available online at tolerance.org. It covers fiction, non-fiction, and recent case studies of homophobia in books and other media. One thing it doesn't include is even a mention of religion. Since hers is a public school, that would raise all sorts of objections, so it was brilliant of her to leave it out. Most importantly, she didn't "indoctrinate" students to think a certain way. The unit required the 16/17 year old students to THINK. Shocking, I know.

Oh, and it was optional. No student was forced into this six week unit. That's something that Ms. Higgins left out for some reason. Gosh, I wonder why.


Posted by: Matt Algren | Mar 27, 2009 5:49:08 PM

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