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Photos: Which prop's right for addressing Prop that's wrong?

by Jeremy Hooper

Some state the obvious:

Picture 8-128

Others support arguments as simplistic as their drawings:

Picture 9-118

Then there are those who treat the Bible as a cherry grove needing to be picked for the sake of denying civil fairness:

Picture 10-113

At least one terse pro-gay cut out the bullcrappy and got right to the point:

Picture 11-113

And then there are those who confuse the issue altogether, thinking that they are instead at a rally centered on the economy:

Picture 7-159

But all of these divisive usages of poster board make up this, the latest round in the Prop 8 battle. For all of the above and more, go check out Flickr:

Prop 8 [Flickr]

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Your thoughts

Actually, the Dont F** It Up, may have been her reference to someone giving an argument, as it was Michelle's advice to BO i 2004 prior to 'THE SPEECH'.. Very supportive in its own way. ... kind of like 'break a leg' for the theataaaa.

Posted by: LOrion | Mar 5, 2009 5:03:53 PM

Oh yea, LOrion -- I think it's totally supportive. Just terse and to the point.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Mar 5, 2009 5:09:31 PM

The other side of the "Don't Efff It Up" sign says, "Gay Rights NOW", so it is pretty obvious which side of the argument she is on.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Mar 5, 2009 5:31:15 PM

Yes, Dick -- she's on our side. As is the "I can't afford..." one.

I changed the wording a bit to clarify that "Don't F*** it Up" is pro-gay

Posted by: G-A-Y | Mar 5, 2009 5:42:34 PM

I think the people in the bottom picture were looking for the rally at NYC City Hall.

Posted by: ZenithNYC | Mar 5, 2009 6:06:48 PM

Here's a verse for Mr. "Read the Bible for Details":

1 Thessalonians 4:11
11Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands, just as we told you.

If only they'd all do that we wouldn't be in this mess.

Posted by: Buffy | Mar 5, 2009 9:32:12 PM

I want to put my two cents in. So some people feel that gay marriage is wrong and the bible says it. What I feel is that either a straight couple or a gay couple should be able to choose on love, not based on there sexual origin. So we all must follow the bible cause what is the word morally correct. First of all, I thought u are suppose to love the person who u are with. I don't care what sexual preference is. The worst part is men loving there women. So women and cannot love other women as partners, but just be friends. I only thought that GOD was able to judge either he or she. So tell me to all the anti-gay supporters. So basically if a man dates a woman and beats her a** always in the relationship, you will find that alright unless either he or she are dating the same sex. Anyway, if the man constantly beats on his woman and cannot fend for herself, that is ok for your people of anti-gay supporters. Basically men are really the downfall of society. I am a straight male who loves women very much. With me I know what is right and what is wrong. So really when the man beats on his woman and kills her, thats politically correct, if a gay or lesbian killed there partners, well the world has come to an end. I still say men are the downfall of this planet. I am a straight guy who is looking for the right girl. Men are really the ones to blame. No wonder why I am still looking and searching for the right girl to come into my life cause men like that gives all men bad images. Even though I am 33 years old, I still believe in some old fashion ways. I am saving myself till I get married to have sex, but I am not ready to catch some disease that floats out in this world. Even though my two bestfriends are lesbians and a couple, but I will always love my babygirl. She is the love of my life even though I know she will never be my girlfriend, but I can be here for my bestest friend on this planet. I don't understand men and why they have to beat up on woman like espevially one of my friends boyfriend beat her and I found out with her sister that is was never the first time he did it. To all the men out there who are straight. Listen up, just zip up your pants and run away.

Posted by: Gay and Lesbian supporter | Mar 5, 2009 9:42:31 PM

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