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Yea, because why should a good Christian come out against mandatory jail/therapy for gays?

by Jeremy Hooper

In Uganda, homosexuality is illegal. There is also the possibility of life imprisonment for homosexual behavior. And as you might be aware, the nation has been in the "culture war" news lately because of a recent conference at which forced reparative therapy was suggested as a reasonable alternative to imprisonment.

Well, leave it to our ol' pal Peter LaBarbera to make apologies for these insanely Peter-Labarberaextremist views. In a new piece in which he addresses "the poor Ugandans, who are attempting to maintain a pro-Christian-morality public policy" and defends Scott Lively of the SPLC-certified hate group Abiding Truth Ministries for his decision to participate in the aforementioned conference, Pete voices his support for the right of states and countries to punish gays in the way that they see fit:

At AFTAH, we preach Christian mercy and have denounced Talibanesque capital punishment for homosexuals in countries like Iran. But we also believe that if states and localities here in America (and governments abroad) wish to ban sodomy, they have every right to do so — notwithstanding polemical U.S. Supreme Court decisions inventing newfangled “constitutional rights” and influenced by inaccurate homosexual activist amicus briefs.
Lively Gives Report on Uganda Conference [AFT]

Yes, that's right -- Pete cannot even bring himself to speak out against environments that contain the option of IMPRISONING GAY PEOPLE FOR LIFE! Instead, he supports the "poor Ugandans" freedom to do so. His desire to remaining "Biblical" in the anti-gay sense is so strong that he won't even criticize the idea of intelligent, vibrant, decent gay community members being forcibly caged for the duration of their natural lives! Because, ya know, the first and foremost answer to the "What Would Jesus Do?" question is: "Pull Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin out of the House Chamber and throw her in Rikers for life."

And not only does Pete willingly sign his name to Team 'OMFG, They are Seriously Suggesting Gays Be Jailed or Forced into Therapy!'™, but he also goes on to chastise right-leaning people like Warren Throckmorton who, despite his differing views on "ex-gay" matters, has vocally come out against Ugandan policy/the nutty conference:

It has been fascinating to watch the homosexual activists — and their new, unexpected ally, Warren Throckmorton of Grove City College — seek to make a huge controversy over the illegality of homosexual acts in Uganda and the call at this conference to substitute reparative (ex-”gay”) therapy for incarceration.
P.S. I wish Warren would cease his gossipy, online correspondence with activists committed to aberrant, ungodly sexuality and think about the answer to this:
How many American men would still be alive today had they never practiced the sin of sodomy?

Well Pete, we (and presumably Warren) wish you would cease your online apologies for activists committed to aberrant, unbelievable punishments for something that deserves full acceptance at best, attempted understanding at least! And we have to wonder: How many American men and women would still be alive today had folks like yourself never practiced unrelenting, unreasoned attacks against their lives and loves! Attacks that you have today ratcheted up to a whole other notch of indecency!

Oh, and P.S.: Considering you've been known to engage in your share of unsolicited gossip about Warren...

...It's probably a little hypocritical to criticize Mr. Throckmorton's own online correspondence!

**For much more on the Uganda situation, see Box Turtle Bulletin, ExGayWatch, and Truth Wins Out.

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