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As far as 'culture wars' go, Iowa is NOM's 'Nam:

by Jeremy Hooper

maggie-brianMaggie and Brian, career advocates for bias, have some less-than-welcoming thoughts regarding the fantastic Iowa ruling:

“Injustice has been served today,” said Brian Brown, NOM. “The gay marriage movement has once again used the power of the courts to push an untruth on unwilling Iowans: same-sex unions are not marriages and Iowans should not be forced by law to treat them as such.”

“Unlike the people of California, the people of Iowa have no direct way to get this issue on the ballot so that they can take marriage back from the courts,” notes Maggie Gallagher, president of NOM. “Once again the most undemocratic branch of government is being used to advance an agenda the majority of Americans reject. Marriage means a husband and wife. That’s not discrimination, that’s common sense.”

“Even in states like Vermont where they are pushing this issue through legislatures, gay marriage advocates are totally unwilling to let the people decide these issues directly,” agreed Brown. “They’ve just about run out of courts willing to radically redefine marriage. The next step for gay marriage advocates will be to use these new laws to push Congress to overturn the federal Defense of Marriage Act, and then use the federal courts to impose gay marriage on all 50 states.”

Iowa Supreme Court Imposes Same-Sex Marriage [National Organization For Marriage]

No, no, B-dog: Injustice was served up when you all took faith based tyranny to the California polls and rolled back progress to the tune of 80 million smackeroos. Today's ruling is like Principled, Peaceful, Promising Pepto for the heartbreak that we've felt since November!

And Magster: Your view on marriage is not "common sense," no matter how many times you say that it is. History is littered with all kinds of biases and discriminations that were considered common. Their backers' ability to obtain 50% plus 1 support didn't make the goals any more sensible!

But we want to thank you, one man and one woman, for sharing your thoughts on this special gay day. When celebrating our joy, it is only fair for gay activists to acknowledge the folks whose nonstop attacks and hurtful rhetoric have helped our side in immeasurable ways.

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Your thoughts

Man, how long ago was it that the right wingnuts were complaining that it up to the LEGISLATURES - THE ELECTED OFFICIALS, not the courts, make decisions like the one made in Iowa? Seems like only yesterday. Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset...

But I digress.

Now that legislatures across the country are beginning to get on board with us (by either passing laws in our favor or preventing amendments from being voted on), all of a sudden, it's THE PEOPLE who must decide directly - not those rogue, freedom-hating, anti-family legislators who HATE marriage (I never got that last part. Aren't most of them straight and married?)

Weren't these wingnuts always telling us that if we didn't like the laws, we should do the democratic thing and get people who support our cause elected (yeah, right! snicker, snicker)?

Seems to me if the wingnuts don't like the laws their legislators are passing, they should vote them OUT of office.

Granted, that might be a bit more difficult now that a lot of people are probably thinking, "Yeah, sure, you support gay people having equal rights. Go crazy. Give 'em whatever they want. Whatever. Where are my unemployment checks and where will my family and I be sleeping tonight?"

I'll bet the people in Ohio and Michigan two states that have lost more jobs in the last 8 years than any other two states in the union are thinking, "Well, we have no food. Our insurance runs out at the end of the month. And we'll probably lose our house within 6 months. But thank GOD we banned same-sex marriage. Look how strong are families are! Oh dear. Bobby, slap grandmummy on the face. She seems to have passed out again from malnutrition."

I know I've been rambling, but I'm just really happy watching the meltdown.

Posted by: stojef | Apr 3, 2009 8:11:49 PM

They wouldn't respect the decision if the legislature made it, and made it unanimously. They'd just use it to vote the supporters out of office.

National Organization FOR Marriage? Orwell was right, and so was P.T. Barnum.

Posted by: Attmay | Apr 4, 2009 12:14:53 AM

"Even in states like Vermont where they are pushing this issue through legislatures, gay marriage advocates are totally unwilling to let the people decide these issues directly,”

Many states (Im too lazy to get a list from wikipedia) have DOMA's that were passed by the legislature but never voted on by the people. So according to Brian, these laws are invalid and undemocratic?

Posted by: Tom | Apr 7, 2009 8:30:49 PM

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