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From 'gathered storms' to reigning beauty queens

by Jeremy Hooper

200904291259-1Well folks, we called it. Miss California hs signed up to become the new Florida orange juice spokesperson NOM ad star:

Miss California, Carrie Prejean, who offered memorable opposition (above) to same-sex marriage and a young, attractive new face for the movement against it, will appear tomorrow at a press conference hosted by the National Organization for Marriage at the National Press Club, according to a press release from the group.

She'll be launching a new ad, the second in what the group says is a $1.5 million campaign.
Miss California emerges as 'opposite marriage' spokeswoman [Politico]

Get your mocking caps ready, internet! NOM ad FAIL Vol. 2 starts tomorrow!

**SEE ALSO: Carrie is at the uber-anti-gay Liberty University today, further cashing in on her oh-so-learned assessment of "opposite marriage":

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Your thoughts

Never thought I'd be looking forward to shameless, hateful propaganda, but I can't wait to see how bad this one is.

Posted by: ZJ | Apr 29, 2009 2:16:25 PM

Hopefully, they'll keep spending money putting out dumb ads that everyone can lampoon until they eventually go bankrupt.

Posted by: Jon | Apr 29, 2009 2:36:58 PM

If Prejean is as inarticulate in the NOM ad as she was answering "that question", then the this one (or at least the leaked out-takes) should be pretty entertaining. But at least she will be able to use those newly implanted fake boobies for Jesus! Gotta get some mileage out of 'em!

I think that they should have the lightning strike her in this one! Maybe causing one (or both) of those implants to explode! How cool would that be?

Posted by: Dick Mills | Apr 29, 2009 2:50:24 PM

I want to find out if Michael Phelps is fucking this stupid bitch.

Posted by: Frank | Apr 29, 2009 2:58:26 PM

Methinks Prejean needs a good pie in the face.

Posted by: RainbowPhoenix | Apr 29, 2009 2:59:05 PM

If the pageant didnt ask her this question we wouldnt of had this situation. I think we should stay away from issues like this in the Miss USA pageant event.

However Id like to see Miss California to be lampooned by any drag queen with comedic flair.

Posted by: Matt from California | Apr 29, 2009 3:20:24 PM

Liberty University? Anti-gay? As an insitution, yes. But hon, I don't even go to LU and I still run out of fingers when I try to count the number of queens I know there.

Posted by: Harrison | Apr 29, 2009 4:14:01 PM

I tried to defend this failure on the basis of freedom of speech, and the fact that Perez Hilton does not represent any sentiment of the gay community I want to be associated with.

But then she had to go and do this.

Posted by: Chris | Apr 29, 2009 4:47:03 PM

NOM should want Miss Prejean as their representative as much as most in the gay community want Perez Hilton as their representative! Sheesh!

Posted by: KZ | Apr 29, 2009 5:05:57 PM

Let's not be so quick to kick this development aside BEFORE the ad comes out tomorrow. Jeremy's link gives the language of the ad. To me, it doesn't make any sense and furthers the silly "they are calling us bigots for trying perserve traditional marriage" distraction that Maggie Gallagher is constantly trying to push.

Posted by: a. mcewen | Apr 29, 2009 5:28:50 PM

One more thing - I think the ad has footage from the pageant. Can't NOM get into trouble with pageant officials regarding copyright?

Posted by: a. mcewen | Apr 29, 2009 5:30:00 PM

I'm frightened, but I have faith that my gay peeps will ensure that a witty and stinging parody will come from this!

Posted by: @Daniel_Baylis | Apr 29, 2009 5:38:19 PM

Chris: I'm with you. On Friday night, when I saw her on CNN, I really thought she was going to downplay this. She was working the "I have the same position as Obama" angle, and I really thought that her whirlwind week had given her insight into who she doesn't want to be. I really thought she would reject these calls to become the new Anita B. And I said as much.

But this week, it has gotten worse and worse. She is not only going along with it -- she is courting it. It's as if she's hired an agent to seek out these offers in particular.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Apr 29, 2009 6:03:53 PM

Gee, I can't say that I think she should be making adds for or against gay marriage, but that having been said. All those that exploited her and her answer have made money off of it.

First of all, it isn't news. She spoke freely about her opinion. No laws broken there. She wasn't even insulting to anyone. The only ones that took offense are the PC people and who really cares. She did not make a big deal out of her answer, Perez did and the press did.

I don't believe in gay "marriage" and the reason I don't is that it goes against MY religious beliefs. You cannot, nor should you want tp. take that right away from me. That being said, I believe that Gay Couples deserve every legal right that any heterosexual couple has. I believe they should be able to own property, make contracts, be each other's health care providers, have first right to medical information etc. I just oppose the use of the word "marriage". It just grates on me because to me that is a Sacrament and is given in my bible. It means the joining of one man and one woman for the purpose of procreation to me. That is my belief. If we could have intelligent conversation about this, the issue would go away. But I believe that the left leaners in this country don't want it to go away. They would prefer to call me names and take make my beliefs less important than theres. Therefore, this issue will never bring us together. It is sad, because I love my Gay friends very much and would rather solve the problem than to call each other names over it.

Posted by: Bette Lewis | Apr 30, 2009 10:54:22 AM

Bette: Nobody is trying to take away you, or Ms. Prejean's, right to oppose marriage equality.

This is not about the options religious sacrament, which will still be left to the churches. This is about the CIVIL marriage contract -- the one that everyone needs to have a legally-binding marriage, regardless of whether or not the opt for faith blessing. Period. No gay activist -- I repeat, *NO* gay activist -- is seeking forced religious ceremony.

And the "name-calling" is a straw man. There are people on both sides who made, unfortunately, resort to name-calling. But the core of this debate is fair and reasoned, with our side coming out on top.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Apr 30, 2009 11:19:42 AM

Carrie, you are a sore loser. Stop trying to get 15 more minutes of fame for your wanting to have only marriage for heterosexuals. Marriage should be for everyone who is within the age of consent.

Hope you lose your crown like others have because of your racy pictures you had taken when you were 17.

Posted by: T | May 6, 2009 10:31:15 AM

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