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Heath's bar: ME equality foe shares gay-limiting verbosity

by Jeremy Hooper

Mike-heathMike Heath, Maine's most prominent 'mo foe, did not speak at yesterday's marriage equality hearing, because of what seems to be his distrust for Maine's elected officials. However, he has publicized what he would have said had we all been so lucky:

Over four millenia ago humanity's first married couple were asked the slippery question, "Has God really said?" We gather today to submit the opinion of our era in that ancient dialogue.

Nothing we do or say here today will affect the subject of that question, God. He spoke. He speaks today. Every single one of us will always know, deep down where it matters most, the difference between right and wrong. Put simply, sex outside of marriage is always wrong.

No amount of political campaigning will create a new morality. Celebrity proclamations will not adjust the truth for all time. The Eternal Judge of All Men is deaf to the evil rulings of men who serve as judges.

I am not here to persuade today. If I thought I could be persuasive on this matter, I would be. However, recent events in the West reveal unreasoning forces at work. Persuasion no longer serves.

I am here to proclaim. Where would any of us be without the proclamations of honest men. Three hundred and eighty eight years ago the world's first Americans gathered in the hold of a broken ship anchored in a New England bay. The first words of their Mayflower Compact declared, "In the name of God, Amen."

New England's founding fathers proclaimed their reason for forming a government as they continued, "Having undertaken for the glory of God, and advancement of the Christian faith ..."

Are we to completely abandon this historic political foundation? Do these perilous times advise such a risk? Is sexual immorality working for us?

We conclude, "No, it isn't."

A Massachusetts father spends a night in a cold grey jail cell for merely requesting reasonable notification. Very young children wonder whether they are "gay." Lawyers abandon truth for fashion while teachers pretend tolerance is the ultimate truth. And worst, by far, during this epic financial crisis is the debt we refuse to acknowledge.

The national debt is not measured in dollar bills. Our nation owes a debt it can never repay. The blood of thousands spilled on the battlefields of the world merely symbolize payment. The way forward is always the same. Rising civilizations acknowledge the unmerited favor, the grace and the glory, of their traditions. Ignorance leads to decline and judgment.

This decision is about ultimate things. This decision is about truth.

Marriage, like love, can never be on a slippery slope. It is not possible for it to evolve. Marriage is a permanent thing, like the morning sun.

Pledge with us, the Maine Family Policy Council, to guarantee for future generations the renewing dawn of marital bliss in an enduring culture of honest men.

Reject today's primal urge for pleasure. Choose the truth.

Preserve marriage.


Thousands Attend Same-Sex Marriage Public Hearing [MFPC]

Evil rulings that displease God? Cold grey jails cells? Blood on battlefields? And they call us drama queens?! Sheesh!

In response to Mr. Heath, we'd just like to share the testimony that we too were unable to give at yesterday's hearing:

We're talking about civil marriage, not religious ritual. Thanks.

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Your thoughts

Again with the David Parker Massachusetts lie. Parker wanted his son's school to opt the child out of conversations of same sex homes even when the conversations happened by chance. The school said it couldn't do this because several children in that school come from same sex homes and they can't control what children talk about amongst themselves. With Jeremy's permission, I am providing the link of a complete report I did on the Parker situation - http://holybulliesandheadlessmonsters.blogspot.com/search?q=NOM+lies+about+David+Parker+controversy

Posted by: a. mcewen | Apr 23, 2009 11:45:15 AM

Also, it leaves out the little fact that David Parker was arrested for trespassing, not "for merely reqeusting reasonable notification." What a bald lie.

Posted by: Harrison | Apr 23, 2009 12:28:29 PM


Did Parker actually "spend a night in a cold grey jail cell" or was he released immediate after arrest? I don't recall.

In any case, I very much doubt that it was either cold or grey.

Posted by: Timothy | Apr 23, 2009 1:27:18 PM

He did spend the night in jail. But that part about a "cold grey jail cell" is nothing more than bad poetic license.

Posted by: a. mcewen | Apr 23, 2009 5:47:36 PM

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