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In Dakota that's North, nondiscrimination goes South

by Jeremy Hooper

By a 54-34 vote, the North Dakota House of Representatives killed a bill that would banned discrimination based on sexual orientation:

N.D. House kills gay rights bill[The Dickson Press]

Robin-WeiszThe strongest condemnation came from Republican Rep. Robin Weisz, who had the gall to insist that homosexuality is a chosen behavior and a "lifestyle."

In response to the Mr. Weisz's far-from-sage words, local phonics scholars are rumored to be pushing their own bill wherein they'll demand the lawmaker henceforth change his last name whenever speaking on gay issues.

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Your thoughts

Oh BROTHER! Mr. Weisz is as far from the truth as all the other loons on the "religious" "right" (they are neither) . In fact I'd say he's the queen of the red herrings!
NO Mr. Weisz, homosexuality is NOT a choice, but church, religions and political parties are a choice- so how since those are choices, why the beef? I know, keep everyone focused on the "GAY MENACE" so poeple forget that churches are tax-exempt (even though their members CHOOSE that "lifestyle" - this man would be laughable if he wasn't so desturctive!

Sorry but as an evangelical Chrisitan, I CANNOT accept all this nonsense of "dominion theology" that seeks to establish theocracy here on Earth- no one but Jesus Himself can and will do that! Mr. Weisz is just another in a long linhe of people who hide their private political agendas with the name of God- do they REALLY believe they're not going to have to account for that?! Incredible!

Posted by: Bil Rogers RN Ret. | Apr 16, 2009 2:50:18 PM

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